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333 i 6f.e. Bright, Sir John: after Hull insert He was M.P. for the East Riding in 1654
ii 28 Bright, John (1783-1870): after Hospital insert From 1828 to 1845 he was a commissioner in lunacy
341 i 6 Brigit, Saint: for Dal, Conchobar read Dal Conchobar
342 ii 3f.e. Brihtnoth: for sister read sister-in-law
348 ii 19 Brinsley, John: for 1663 read 1633
356 i 33 Brisbane, Sir Thomas M.: for 1829 read 1825
Bristol, Ralph de: for Cashel read Kildare
7-6 f.e. omit by William of Malmesbury
357 ii 23f.e.
Bristowe, Edmund: for Bristowe read Bristow
365 i l.l. Brocas, Sir Bernard: after 1395 insert In 1391 he was M.P. for Wilts
379 ii 14f.e. Brodie, Sir Benjamin C.: after examinations insert He was elected first president of the General Medical Council 23 Nov. 1858
383 ii 22-21f.e. Brodrick, Alan, Lord Midleton: for king's-serjeant read second serjeant
8f.e. for Earl Pembroke read Earl of Pembroke
385 i 13f.e. Brograve, Sir John: after years insert He was M.P. for Preston in 1586, 1597, and 1601, and for Boroughbridge in 1592
ii 28f.e. Broke, Arthur: for Boaistuan read Boaistuau
388 ii 22f.e. Broke, Sir Richard: for In the spring of 1511 (2 Hen. VIII) read On 19 July 1510
389 i 27-25f.e. Broke, Sir Robert: for and recorder of London . . . several parliaments read (1536-45) and recorder of London 1545-54 and represented the city in the parliaments of 1547, 1553, and 1554
Bromley, Sir Richard M.: for 1866 read 1865
27f.e. Bromley, Sir Thomas (d. 1555?) : for king's bench read common pleas
401 i 1 Bromley, Sir Thomas (1530-1587): after Bacon insert He was M.P. for Bridgnorth 1558, for Wigan 1559, and for Guildford 1562
403 ii 11 Bromley, Valentine W.: for congestion of the lungs read smallpox
15-11f.e. Bromley, William (1664-1732): for Having in 1689 . . . recognise William III read He was elected in February 1689-90 M.P. for Warwickshire
10f.e. for 1701-2 read 1700-1
404 ii 30 Bromley, William (1699?-1737): for of Warwick read of Fowey in 1725 and of Warwick
405 ii 9 Brompton, Richard: after 1782 insert He was president of the Society of Artists till 1779
9f.e. Bromyarde, John de: after Cambridge insert He was chancellor of the university in 1383
406 i 22f.e. Brontë, Charlotte: for a curacy in Essex and read a curacy at Wethersfield in Essex and left in January 1809 to become curate at Wellington, whence he came to Dewsbury. Leaving this place at the end of the year he was presented
ii 31-32 f.e. for Heckmondwike read Liversedge
408 i 11f.e. for in a lower situation read on a table-land
412 i 11f.e. for June read January
414 ii 3f.e. Brook, David: after governors insert He was recorder of Bristol 1541-9 and M.P. for the city 1542-4
415 i 28 for earl of Guilford read Baron Guilford
416 ii 13-12f.e. Brooke, Sir Arthur: for and was rewarded read In 1822 he was rewarded
10f.e. for 1817 read 1819
9f.e. after regiment insert in 1837
419 i 13f.e. Broke, Christopher: after Essex insert He was M.P. for York in six parliaments, 1604, 1614, 1620, 1624, 1625, 1626, and was also elected for Newport (I. of W.) in 1624
423 i 27 Brooke, Henry, 8th Lord Cobham: after Henry insert who was M.P. for Kent in 1588-9 and for Hedon 1592-3
429 ii 12f.e. Brooke, Sir James: after K.C.B. insert in 1848
433 ii 18-17f.e. Brooke, Samuel: omit He was elected proctor at Cambridge in 1613 and