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Brooke, Samuel: for 1632 read 1631
436 i 8f.e. Brookfield, William H.: for Clevedon read Clevedon Court, Somerset
438 i 19 Brooks, Charles W. Shirley: for Norwood Green read Kensal Green
ii 21 Brooks, James: after Balliol College insert He was vice-chancellor of Oxford in 1552
447 i 24 Brotherton, Sir Thomas W.: for 1850 read 1851
448 i 14 Brough, William: for 1637-8 read 1638-9
452 ii 19-18f.e. Brougham, Henry P., Lord Brougham: omit As Lord Cleveland . . . tories
17f.e. for felt bound in 1830 to vacate read in 1830 vacated
16f.e. omit accordingly
14f.e. after Knaresborough insert in succession to Tierney
456 i 15 for Italy read Sardinia
457 i 14 for 1835-40 read 1835-52
459 ii 4 Broughton, Arthur: for (d. 1803?) read (d. 1796
5 after botanist insert youngest son of Thomas Broughton, 1704-74 [q. v.]
8-11 for and subsequently settled .... Hortus Eastensis read He practised medicine at Bristol, and was elected physician to the infirmary there, 14 May 1780. He went to Jamaica in Dec. 1783 with leave of absence, but never returned, dying at Kingston 29 May 1796. (Felix Farley, ‘Bristol Journal,’ 30 July 1796)
460 i 9 Broughton, Hugh: after Durham insert in 1578
464 i 34 Broughton, Thomas (1704-1774) : before the vicarage insert a prebend in Salisbury Cathedral, to which belonged
37-8 omit To the same influence he owed .... Salisbury Cathedral
38-9 for and on receiving this read On this
467 i 27 Broughton, William R.: after 1821 insert He was colonel of marines from 1819 till his death
469 ii 20f.e. Brouncker, William, 2nd Viscount: for 1642 read 1646
470 i 9 after nation insert He was M.P. for Westbury in the convention parliament of 1660
17f.e. for Mr. Pitt read Mr. Pett
ii 2 before Pepys insert He was a commissioner of the navy for general business 1664-8 and comptroller of the treasurer's accounts 1668-79
3 for in this office read at the admiralty
32 after 1648 insert was M.P. for Romney from 1665 till he was expelled the house in 1668