Brundtland Report/Annexe 2. The Commission and Its Work

Brundtland Report
United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development
Annexe 2. The Commission and Its Work


The World Commission on Environment and Development was created as a consequence of General Assemb13, resolution 38/161 adopted at the 38th Session of the United Nations in the fall of 1983. That resolution called upon the Secretary General to appoint the Chairman and Vice, Chairman of the Commission and in turn directed them to jointly appoint the remaining members. at least ball of whom were to be selected from the developing world. The Secretary General appointed Mrs, Gro Harlem Brundtland of Norway. then leader of the Norwegian Labour Party, as Chairman and Dr. Mansour Khalid, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs from Sudan, as Vice-Chairman. They together appointed the remaining members of the Commission.

The Commission has functioned as an independent body. All its members have served he Commission in their individual apacities, not as representatives of their governments. The Commission has thus been able to address any issues, to solicit any advice, and to formulate and present any proposals and recommendations that it considered pertinent and relevant.

In pursuing its mandate, the commission has paid careful attention to the Terms of Reference suggested by the General assembly in Resolution 38/161 and has operated in close collaboration with the Intergovernmental Inter-sessional Preparatory Committee of the Governing Council of the UN Environment Programme. which ha itself been preparing an intergovernmental report on environmental perspectives to the year 2000 and beyond. After the Commission's report has been discussed by UNEP's Governing Council, it is to be submitted to the General Assembly of the United Nations for its consideration during its and Session in the fall of 1987.

The Commissioners


Gro Harlsm Brundtland. Norway. Prime Minister. Parliamentary Leader of the Labour Party 1981 86, Member of Parliament from 1977, Minister of Environment 1974-79, Associate Director Oslo School Health Services 1968-74.


Mansour Khalid, Sudan. Deputy }'rime Minister 1975, Minister of Education 1975-76, President. UN Security Council 1972, Minister of Foreign Affairs 1971.75, Minister of Youth and Social Affairs 1969-71. Members

Susanna Agnelli, Italy. Italian Senator, writer, Under-Secretary State of Foreign Affairs, Member of the Independent Commission on International Humanitarian Issues. Member of the European Parliament 1979–81. Mayor of Monte Argentario 1974–84, Member of Chamber of Deputies 1976–83.

Saleh Abdulrahan A1-Athel. Saudi Arabia. President of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology; Vice-President for Graduate Studies and Research. King Saud University 1976–84: Dean, College of Engineering, King Saud University 1975–76.

Pablo Gonzalez Casanova. Mexico.[1] Professor of Political and Social Sciences. National Autonomous University of Mexico, President of the Latin American ssociation of Sociology.

Bernard T. G. Chidzero, Zimbabwe. Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development: Chairman, Development Committee of the World Bank and the International Fund: Member, UN Committee for Development Planning: Member, Board of the World Institute for Development Economics and Research; Director, Co..odities Division, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) 1968–1977; Deputy Secretary General, UNCTAD 1977–80.

Lamine Mohaed Fadika. Cote d'lvoire. Minister of Marine Affairs, Chairman of the National Council for Environment. Secretary of State for Marine Affairs 1974–76.

Volker Hauff, Federal epublic of Germany. Member of Parliament: Vice Chairman. Social Democratic Party Parliamentary Group. Responsible for Environment:Minister for Transportation 1980–82; Minister for Research and Technology 1979–80: Parliamentary Secretary of State for Science Research and Technology 1972–78.

Istvan Lang, Hungary. Secretary General of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Deputy Secretary General 1970–85, and Executive secretary 1963–70, Section of Biology. Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Research Institute of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Ma Shijun, Peoples Republic of China. Director of the Research Center of Ecology, Academia Sinica, Chairman of the Commission of Environmental Sciences, President of the Ecological Society of China.

Margarita Marino do Batere, Colombia. Chairman, Fundacion El Colegio de Villa de Leyva (The Green College): Director General, tional Institute of Renewable Natural Resources and the Environment (INDERENA) 1983–86; Director, Office of International Affairs. INDERENA 1978–83: Regional Consultant, United Nations Environment Programme 1973–77.

Nagendra Singh, Idia. President of the International Court of Justice, President of IMO Assembly 1959, President of ILO Maritime Session 1971, President of the Indian Academy Environmental Law and Research, President of the National Labour Law Association of India, Life Member of the Board of Governors of the International Council for Environmental Law, Member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration: Deputy Chairman of CEPLA (IUCN); Chancellor of the University of Goa: Fellow of the British Academy.

Paulo Nogueira-Neto, Brazil. Federal District Secretary of Environment, Science and Technology, National Council of Environment; Federal Secretary of the Environment 1974–86; Associate Professor, Department of Ecology, University of Sao Paulo; President, Association for the Defence of the Environment 1954–83: President, Sao Paulo State Forest Council 1957–74.

Saburo Okita. Japan. President. International University: Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Advisor to Environment Agency; Executiv Committee Member of the Club of Rome; Chairman. World Wildlife Fund Japan; Chairman, Advisory Committee for External Economic Issues 1984-85: Government Representative re: External Economic Relations 1980–81; Foreign Minister 1979–80; Member of the Pearson Commission 1968–69.

Shridath S. Ramphal, Guyana. Secretary General of the Commonwealth of Nations, Minister for Foreign Affairs 1972–75, Minister of Justice 1973–75, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs 1967–72, Attorney General 1966–72.

William Doyle Ruckelshaus, United States, Attorney, Perkins, Coie: Administrator. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 1970–73, 1983–84; Senior Vice President for Law and Corprate Affairs, Weyerhaeuser company 1976–83; Acting Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation 1973: Deputy Attorney General, US Department of Justice 1973.

Mohamed Sahnoun, Algeria. Algerian Ambassador to the United States: Chief of Algerian Permanent Mission to the United Nations 1982–84; Algerian Ambassador, Paris 1979–82: Algerian Ambassador, Bonn 1975–79: Deputy Secretary General, Arab League 1973–74: Deputy Secretary General. Organization of African Unity 1964–73.

Emil Salim, Indonesia. Minister of State for Population and the Environment: Ministerial State for Development Supervision and the Environment 1978–83; Member People's Consultative Assembly 1977–32; Minister of Communications 1973–78: Minister of State for Administrative Reform: Deputy Chairman, National Planning Board 1971–81.

Bukar Shaib, Nigeria. Minister of Agriculture, Water Resources and Rural Development 1983–86. Special Advisor to Le President of Nigeria 198O–83, Nigerian Ambassador to Rome la. Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources 1968–78.

Vladimir Sokolov, USSR. Director, Institute of Evolutionary Animal Morphology and Ecology. USSR Academy of Sciences; Professor and Head of Department of Vertebrate Zoology, Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University; Deputy Chairman, Section of Chemical and Technological and Biological Sciences. Presidium, USSR Academy of Sciences.

Janez Stanovnik, Yugoslavia, Member, Presidium of the Socialist Republic of Slovenia; Professor, University of Llubljana; Executive Secretary. UN Economic Commission for Europe 1967–83: Member of the Federal Cabinet and Federal Executive Council 1966–67.

Maurice Strong, Canada. President, American Water Development, Inc.; former Under-Secretary General and Special Advisor to the Secretary-General of the United Nations: Executive Director of the United Nations Office for Emergency Operations in Africa 1985–86: Chairman of the Board, Petro-Canada 1976–78; Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme 1973–75; Secretary General, United Nations Conference on the Human Environment 1970–72.

Jim Marshall, Canada. Secretary General of the Commission and ex officio member; Director of Environment, OECD 1978–84: Secretary (Deputy Minister), Canadian Ministry of State for Urban Affairs 1974–76; Canadian Commissioner General. UN Conference on Human Settlements 1975–76: Assistant Secretary, Canadian Ministry of State for Urban Affairs 1972.

The Commissions Mandate

The Commission's Mandate, officially, adopted ,at its Inaugural Meeting in Geneva on 1–3 October 1984, sates:

The World Commission on Environment and Development has been established at a time of unprecedented growth in pressures on the global environment, with grave predictions about the human future becoming commonplace.

The Commission is confident that it is possible to build a future that is more prosperous, more just, and more secure because it rests on policies and practices that serve to expand and sustain the ecological basis of development.

The Commission is convinced, however, that this will happen without significant changes in current approaches: changes in perspectives, attitudes and life styles; changes in certain critical policies and the ways in which they are formulated and applied; changes in the nature of cooperation between governments, business, science, and people: changes in certain forms of international cooperation which have proved incapable of tackling many environment and development issues: changes, above all, in the level of understanding and commitment by people. organizations and governments.

The World Commission on Environment and Development therefore invites suggestions, participation, and support in order to assist it urgently:

  1. to re-examine the critical issues of environment and development and to formulate innovative, concrete, and realistic action proposals to deal with them:
  2. to strengthen international cooperation on environment and development and to assess and propose new forms of cooperation that can break out of existing patterns and influence policies and events in the direction of needed change; and
  3. to raise the level of understanding and commitment to action on the part of individuals, voluntary organizations, businesses. institutes, and governments.

The Commission solicits the views of those individuals, scientific institutes. non-governmental organizations, specialized agencies. and other bodies of the United Nations, and national governments concerned with environment and development issues. It requests their support and it will facilitate their participation in the work of the Commission. It wishes especially to hear the views of youth.

In fulfilling its tasks, the Commission will pay careful attention to the Terms of Reference suggested by the General Assembly of the United Nations to resolution 38/161, in which the General Assembly welcomed the establishment of the Commission.

The Commission's Work

In May of 1984. an Organizational Meeting of the Commission was held in Geneva to adopt its rues of procedure and operation and to appoint a Secretary General to guide its work. In July of 1984, a Secretariat was established in Geneva, temporarily at the Centre de Morillon and later at the Palais Wilson. Members of the Secratariat have included:

Secretary General: Jim MacNeill

Senior Professional Staff:

Nitin Desai, Senior Economic Advisor
Vitus Fernando, Senior Programme Officer
Banislav Gosovic, Senior Programme Officer
Marie-Madeleine Jacquemier, Finance and Administrative Officer
Kazu Karo, Director of Programmes
Warren H. Lindoer, Secretary of the Commission and Director of Administration
Elisabeth Monosowski, Senior Programme Officer
Gustavo Montero, Programme Planning Officer
Shimwaa'i Muntemba, Senior Programme Officer
Janos Pasztor, Senior Programme Officer
Peter Robbs, Sen or Public Information Advisor
Vicente Sanchez, Director of Programmes

Linda Starke, Editor
Peter Stone, Director of Information
Edith Surber, Finance and Administrative Officer

General Services and Support Staff:

Brita Baker
Elisabeth Bohler-Goodship
Marie-Pierre Destouet
Marian Doku
Tamara Dunn
Aud Loen
Jelka de Marsano
Chedra Mayhew
Christel Oileach
Ellen Permato
Guadalupe Quesad
Mildred Raphoz
Evelyn Salvador
Teresa Harmand
Iona D'Souza
Kay Streit
Vicky Underhill
Shane Vandrwert

The Commission held its first official meeting in Geneva on 1–3 October 1984. During that meeting, the Commission agreed upon its Mandate, the key issues it would address in the course of its deliberations, the strategy it would employ to achieve its objectives, and the workplan and timetable that would be used to guide its work. Immediately following that meeting, the Commission publicly released its principal working document. 'Mandate for Change'

At its Inaugural Meeting, the Commission selected eight key issues for analysis during the course of its work:

  • Perspectives on Population, Environment, and Sustainable Development;
  • Energy: Environment and Development:
  • Industry: Environment and Development;
  • Food Security, Agriculture, Forestry, Environment, and Development;
  • Human Settlements: Environment and Development:
  • International Economic Relations. Environment, and Development;
  • Decision Support Systems for Environmental Management;
  • International Cooperation.

It agreed that it would examine these issues from the perspective of the year 2000 and beyond and from tile perspective of their common sources in economic, social, and sectoral policies.

At its Inaugural Meeting, the Commission also decided that its processes would be open, visible, and participatory and that in conducting its work, strategies would be employed to ensure it of receiving the broadest range of views and advice on the key issues it was addressing.

The Commission therefore decided that it would hold deliberative meetings in all regions of the world and that it would take the occasion of those meetings to get a first hand view of environment and development issues in those regions. It also decided to use these visits to hold open Public Hearings where senior government representatives. scientists and experts, research institutes, industrialists. representatives of non-governmental organizations, and the general public could openly express their concerns to the Commission and submit their views and advice on issues of common concern.

These Public Hearings, which are a unique feature of the Commission, have become its 'trademark', demonstrating both to the Commissioners and the participants that the issues addressed by the Commission are indeed of global concern and do transcend national boundaries and disparate cultures. Hundreds of organizations and individuals gave testimony during the Public Hearings and over 500 written submissions constituting more than l0,000 pages of material were received by the Commission in connection with them. The Public Hearings have been of immeasurable benefit to the Commissioners and the Secretariat, and the gratitude of the Commission is extended to all who contributed to their success.

Deliberative meetings, site visits, and or Public Hearings of the Commission were held in Jakarta, Indonesia, 27–31 March 1985: Oslo, Norway, 21–28 June 1985: Sao Paulo and Brasilia, Brazil, 25 October–4 November 1985: Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax, and Quebec City, Canada, 21–31 May 1986; Harare, Zimbabwe, 15–19 September, Nairobi, Kenya, 20–23 September 1986; Moscow, USSR. 6–12 December 1986; and Tokyo, Japan, 23–28 February 1987. Special working group meetings of the Commission were also held in Geneva, Moscow, and Berlin (West).

To further widen its base of information and advice, the Commission appointed a group of expert Special Advisors to assist it and the Secretariat in the analysis of the key issues. These included Edward S. Ayensu on Food Security and Forestry, Gamani Corea on International Economic Relations, Gordon T. Goodman on Energy. Ashok Khosla on Decision Support Systems for Environmental Management. Robert D. Munro on International Cooperation and Legal Regimes, Michael Royston on Industry, Johan Jorgen Holst on Environment and Security, and Guy-Olivier Segond on Youth. The Chairman was also advised by Hans Christian Bugge and Morten Wetland. Later in its work, the Commission appointed Lloyd Timberlake as Special Editorial Advisor.

To assist it in its work in three of the key issue areas Energy, Industry, and Food Security – the Commission constituted Advisory Panels of leading experts to advise it on the recommendations and conclusions it should consider making. The chairmen and members of the Commission's Advisory Panels were:

Advisory Panel on Energy:

Chairman: Enrigue Iglesias, Foreign Minister of Uruguay

Members: Abdlatif Y. A1-Hamad (Kuwait)
Toyoaki Ikuta (Japan)
Gu Jian (China)
Al Noor Kassum (Tanzania)

Ulf Lantzke (deceased) (Federal Republic of Germany)
Wangari Manthai (Kenya)
David J. Rose (deceased) (United States)
Prem Shankar Jha (India)
Carl Tham (Sweden)
Gyorgy Vaja (Hungary)

Advisory Panel on Industry:

Chairman: Umberto Colombc (Italy), President of ENEA

Members: Betsy Ancker-Johnson (United States)
M.J. Flux (United Kingdom)
Arnoldo Jose Gabaldon (Venezuela)
Alexander C. Hellrich (Netherlands)
Charles Levinson (Canada)
Finn Li-d (Norway)
George P. Liranos (Greece)
Mohamed Mazouni (Algeria)
Thomas McCarthy (United States)
Jose E. Mind]in (Brazil)
Keichi Oshima (Japan)
Roger Strelow (United States)
Naval Tats (India)
Erna Wioelaz (Indonesia)

Advisory Panel of Food Security:

Chairman: H.S. Swaminathan (India), Director General of the International Rice Research Institute

Members: Nyle Brady (United States)
Robert Chambers (United Kingdom)
K. Chowdhry (India)
Gilberto Gallopin (Argentina)
Joe Hulse (Canada)
Kenneth King (Guyana)
V. Malima (Tanzania)
Samir Radwn (Egypt)
Lu Liang Shu (China)

The reports of the three Advisory Panels were submitted to the Commission for its consideration during its meeting in Canada in May of 1986 and have since been published under the titles Energy 2000, 'Industry 2000 and Food 2000.

The Commission was also assisted in its review of legal rights and principles by a group of international legal experts chaired by Robert Munro (Canada) with Johan G. Lammers (Netherlands) as Rapporteur. The members of the group included Andronico Adede (Kenya), Francoise Burhenne (Federal Republic of Germany). Alexandre-Charles Kiss (France), Stephen McCaffrey (United States), Akio Morishima (Japan), Zaki Mustafa (Sudan), Henri Smets (Belgium), Robert Stein (United States), Alberto Szekely (Mexico), Alexandre Timoshenku (USSR), and Amado Tolentino (Philippines). Their report was submitted to and considered by the Commission during its meeting in Harare in September 1986. It will be published under the title Legal Principles for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development.

During the course of its work, the Commission also engaged experts. research institutes, and academic centres of excellence from around the globe to prepare more than 75 studies and reports relating to the eight key issues for the Commission' review and consideration. These studies and reports provided an invaluable resource base for the final reports of he Commission's Advisory Panels and for the final chapters of this report.

Financial Contributions

Initial funding to permit the Commission to commence its work came from the governments of Canada, Denmark, Finland, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden. and Switzerland. Each of these 'sponsoring' governments had been instrumental in the creation of the Commission and during the course of the Commission' work. each of them increased their contribution beyond their original pledge.

In addition to the 'sponsoring' group of countries, the Commission has also received untied financial contributions from governments of Cameroon, Chile, the Federal Republic of Germany, Hungary, Oman, Portugal, and Saudi Arabia. Significant contributions have also been received from the Ford Foundation and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, as well as from NOPAD and SIDA.

Other Contributions

The City and Canton of Geneva restored and furnished one win of the Palais Wilson and provided that to the Commission's Secretariat free of rent and utilities. The local cost of the Commission's meetings in Indonesia, Brazil, Zimbabwe, and the USSR were covered by the host governments. The cost of the Commission's working group meeting in Moscow were also covered by the Soviet Government. The costs of the working group meeting in Berlin (West) were covered by the Federal Republic of Germany. The Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development hosted and covered all of the costs of a meeting in Kuwait of the Advisory Panel on Energy. The accounts of the Commission have been audited by Hunziken and Associate of Geneva.

The Commission's sincere appreciation is extended to all the governments, foundations, and institutes that provided the financial and other support necessary for it to complete its work, including those that contributed funds too late to be acknowledged here.

Further Activities

Between the issuance of this report and its consideration by the UN General Assembly during its 42nd Session in the fall of 1987, the Commission will be meeting during a series of regional presentational meetings with senior governmental representatives, the business and scientific communities. non-governmental organizations, and the press to discuss this report and, it is hoped. to build a body of public and governmental support for the recommendations and conclusions.

There are no plans for the Commission to continue after its report has been considered by the General Assembly. and it will officially cease its operations on 31 December 1987.


Since its creation in late 1983, the Commission as received advice and support from thousands of individuals, institutes, and organizations the world over. many of whom are listed here. Many laboured long hours in preparing submissions for the Public Hearings, reports for the Advisory Panels, and studies for submission to the Commission. Without their dedication, cooperation, and advice as well as that of the Special Advisors and the chairmen and members n the Advisory Panels and Legal Expert Group, this report would not have been possible. The Commission's sincerest appreciation is extended to them all. (Affiliations and title are as of the date of communication with the Commission. Verification of all the following names and titles was not possible, and the Commission apologizes for any inaccuracies.)

Thomas Aarnio, Ministry of the Environment, Finland;
Amiz Ab'Saber, University of 5so Paulo, Brazil:
Muchtar Abas, Indonesia
A.H. Abbott, Deputy Minister, Department of the Environment, Nova Scotia, Canada:
Krisno Abinto, WALUBI, Indonesia:
Tatjana Adamova, USSR State Committee for Science and Technology, USSR;
Kath Adams, Earthscan, United Kingdom;
Patricia Adams, Director, Third World Research, Energy Probe, Canada;
Adebayo Adedeji, Executive Secretary, Economic Commission for Africa, Ethiopia;
George Adicondro, Director, Irish Jays Rural Development Foundation, Indonesia;
Erwin Adriawan. Biological Science Club, Indonesia;
Anil Agarwal, Centre for Science and Environment. India;
Agriculture Canada, Government of Canada;
Maria Aguri YoshioXa. Companhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental (CETESB). Brazil;
Robert Aiken, Ambio, Sweden:
Shukhrat Akhundzhanovo, USSR Academy for Foreign Trade, USSR;
Tutty Alawiyah. Universitas Islam As. Syafi, Indonesia;

<poem>Waldemar Albano, Jr., Chairman, Cotia City Council, Sao Paulo, Brazil;

Geroncio Albuquerque Rocha, ex-President of the National Association of Geologists, Brazil; Kalimardin Algamar, BPPT, Indonesia: Mary Allegretti, Institute for socio-Economic Studies, Brazil; Vanessa Allison, Canada; Tisna Amidjaja, Ketua LIPI. Indonesia: Doko Aminoto, Chairman of the Board, Bina Desa, Indonesia; B.D. Amoa, All Africa Council of Churches, Kenya; David Anderson, Resource and Economic Development Division, Alberta, Canada: Sergio Roberto de Andfade Leite, President. Association for the Ecology and Environment of Araraquara (SEMARA), Brazil; David Claudia Andujar, Coordinator, Commission for the Creation of the Yanomani Park. Brazil: M. Appelberqo, National Swedish Environment Protection Board, Sweden; E. Apter, Department of Political Science, Yale university, USA: A. Arbatov, Head, Department of Natural Resources, Scientific Institute of Systematic Research, USSR: June Archibald, Foreign Aid Issues Research Framework, Canada: Tom Chr. Arelsen, Environment and Youth, Norway; Kai Arne Armann, Future in Our Hands, Norway; A. Arismunandar, Pertambangan & Energy, Indonesia; Association of Peel People, Canada; Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada, Canada: Donald Aubrey, Research Coordinator, STOP, Canada; Ahchoka Aworry, The Kenya Energy Non-governmental Organization, Kenya: Aminuddin Aziz, MUI, Indonesia.

A.G. Babaev, Director, Institute of Desert, USSR; Thomas Bachman, Berlin (West); Lisa Bader, Canada: Lynda Baiden, Department of Environment, Nova Scotia, Canada: Yves Bajard, First Watercount Group, Canada: W. Banage, University of Zambia: Patrick Banda, Zimbabwe: J. Banyopadhyay, Research Foundation for Science and Technology and Natural Resource Policy, India: Remy Barre, Conservatoire National des Arts de Metiers, France; Ken de la Barre, New England Environmental Conference, Tufts University, USA; Marcia Marli Battaglia, Companhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental (CETESB), Brazil: Beatrice Bazar, President, Canadian Association for the Club of Rome. Canada; Roger Beardmore, Regional Director, Conservation and Protection Service, Environment Canada – Atlantic Region, Canada; Suzanne Beaudoin, Text Processing Operator, Intergovernmental Affairs Directorate, Ottawa, Canada; John Beddington, Imperial College, United Kingdom; E.M. Bel'kov, Chief of State Committee for Nature Protection of the Byelorussian S.S.R. USSR; Jean Belanger, Canadian Chemical Producers Association, Canada: Sharon Belaschuk. Information Division, Government Alberta, Canada:

Julie Bell, Ministry of Environment, Toronto, Canada;

Robert Bellerive. Translator, Translation Bureau, Quebec, Canada;
Bjorn Bergmann-Pulsen, Nordic Experts Group, Norway:
Einar J. Burntsen, Norwegian Hydrological Committee, Norway;
Rosalie Bertell, President of the Board of Directors, International Institute of Concern for Public Health, Canada;
Torolf Berthelsen, Statens Institut for Stralehygiene, Norway;
I. Bertilsson, Environment Coordinator, African Development Bank, Cote d'Ivoire;
Alexandre Bezeredi, Officer, Western Europe II Relations Division, Canada;
Malur Bhagavan, SAREC, Sweden;
Harry Bhaskara, The Jakarta Post, Indonesia;
Paolo Bifani, France;
Bimo, Vice Director, Yatasan Indonesia Sejahtera, Indonesia;
S. Bistron, Research Scientist, Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, Poland:
Juul Bjerke, Chief Economist, Norwegian Federation of Trade Unions. Norway;
Francis Blanchard, Director General, International Labour Office, Switzerland;
Roland Segurd Blinstrup, Regional Representative, Brazilian Society for the Defense of Flora and Fauna, Brazil;
Andreas Blom, Blom Fiseoppdrett, Norway:
Stepbane Blondin, Canada;
Michael Bloomsfield, Harmony Foundation of Canada. Canada;
Ole Bockman, Norsk Viftefabrikk, Norway;
Ragnat Bogs, Swedish National Institute of Radiation Protection, Sweden;
Boediono, UGM/Bappenas, Indonesia;
Peter yon Boguslawsky, Ministry of the Environment, Finland;
Jacob Bomann-Larsen, Future in Our Hands, Norway;
Alexander Bonilla, Regional Coordinator, Central American University Project on Ecology and Agrochemics, Brazil;
Knot Bonke, Kvaerner Brug A/S, Norway;
Alexander Borodin, USSR State Committee or Science and Technology, USSR;
Jean-Luc Bourdages, Ccmie pour une strategic quebecoise de conservation. Canada;
Eugenia Bovine, USSR State Committee for Science and Technology, USSR;
Todor Bozhinov, Chairman, Committee for Environment Protection, Bulgaria;
Francisco Bozzano-Barne, Canada;
Jim Bradley, Minister of the Environment for Ontario, Canada;
Victor Bravo, lnstituto de gconomia Energetica, Argentina;
Brazilian Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, Brazil:
Robert Brennan, Graduate Student, School of Community and Regional Planning, Canada:
W.A. Bridgeo, Saint Mary' University, Canada:
Marina Brisotti, Compnhi de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental (CETESB), Brazil;
Denies Bristo, Communications Branch, Ottawa, Canada;
British Columbia Watershed Protection Alliance, Canada:
Clayton Broddy, Canada:
David Brooks, Friends of the Earth, Canada;
Lester Brown, President Worldwatch Institute, USA;

Paul Brown, Professor, School of Public Administration, Dalhousie University, Canada;
Geoffrey Bruce, Vice-President, Canadian International Development Agency, Canada;
Louis Bruyere, President, Native Council of Canada, Canada;
Alexander Bryce, Consellor, Canadian Mission, Geneva, Switzerland;
P.V.R. Bubrahmanyam, National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, India;
Tubagus Budi, Angkatan Bersenjata, Indonesia;
David Bull, Executive Director, Environment Liaison Centre, Kenya;
Mubert Bunce, Reid, Collins and Associates Limited, Canada;
Hayden Burges, World Council of Indigenous Peoples, Canada;
M. Burhah, FISIP UI, Indonesia;
Francoise Burhenne, IUCN Eivironmental Law Centre, Fedural Republic of Germany;
Ian Burton, Director, IFIAS, Canada;
Butantan Museum Institute, Brazil;
John G. Butt, Minister of Environment, Newfoundland, Canada.

Canadian University Service Overseas, Canada;
Andrea Sandro Calabi, President, Social and Economic Planning Institute of the Planning Ministry of Brazil;
Vincent Cable, Aide to Commissioner Ramphal, United Kingdom;
Charles Caccia, Member of Parliament, House of Commons, Ottawa, Canada;
Canadian Chemical Producers' Association (CCPA), Canada;
Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Canada;
Canadian Nuclear Association, Canada;
Canadian Wildlife Federation, Canada;
Onelia Cardettini, France;
Cloe Cardoso Pinto, Chairman, Cloe-Misael Foundation, Brazil;
Carlton University students, Canada;
Shirley Cart, Canadian Labour Congress/National Survival Institute, Canada;
Jacques Cartiere, Chief, Translation Bureau, Quebec, Canada;
Jenny Carter, World Hunger, Canada;
Celia G. Castello, Companhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental (CETESB), Brazil;
Margaret Catley-Carlson, President, Canadian International Development Agency, Canada;
Cherga de Jesus Cavalcanti Vasques, Movement in the Defense of Life, Brazil;
Magda Cawley, Office of the Regional Director General, Pacific and Yukon Region, Canada;
Carlos Celsa, Companhia de Tecnologia de Sdneamento Ambiental CETESB), Brazil;
Flola Maria Cerqueira Ribeira de Souza, Center of Environmental Resources of the State of Bahia, Brazil;
Michael Chadwick, Beijer Institute, Sweden;
B. Chakalall, Caribbean Conservation Association, Barbados;
Chen Changdu, Professor. University of Beijing, China;
John G. Charbonneau, Advisor, International Programme Branch, Intergovernmental Affairs Directorate, Canada;
P. Chauraya, Zimbabwe;
E.N. Chidumayo, Conservator of Natural Resources, Zambia;
L. Chikwavaire, Project Officer, Zimbabwe Women's Bureau, Zimbabwe;
Victoria Chiepo, Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Zimbabwe;

Abdul M. Choudhery. Ambassador of Bangladesh, Chairman, Intergovernmental Inter-sessional Preparatory Committee, Kenya; Christian Farmers Federation, Canada;
J. Chuto, Designer. Design Office for Atmosphere Protection, Poland;
Adolph Ciborowski, Ministry of Regional Economy and Environmental Protection, Poland;
D. Cichy, Research Scientist, Institute of School Programmes, Poland;
Jose Thiago Cintra, CLEE, Mexico;
Joe Clark, Secretary of State for External Affairs, Canada;
Jack Clements, Senior Environmental Advisor, Canada;
Alain Clerc, Scientific Advisor, Office federal de la Protection de l'Environnement, Switzerland;
Stanley Clinton-Davis, Commissioner for Environment, European Economic Commission, Brussels, Belgium;
Maxwell Cohen, University of Ottawa, Canada;
Carol Collier, Coordinator, Department of Regional Industrial Expansion, Quebec, Canada;
Antoinette K. Colosurdo, Companhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental (CETESB), Brazil:
Comisao do Meio Ambiente da Baixada Santista, Brazil:
Commission of Enquiry on Unemployment Insurance, Canada;
Committee for the Defense of the Billings Dam, Brazil:
Companhia Energetica de Sad Paulo, Brazil:
Companhla de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental, Brazil:
Shirley A.M. Conover, Environmental Scientist and Consultant, Canada;
Carol Conrad, Director, Policy and Planning Department of Development, Nova Scotia, Canada:
Conservation Council of Ontario, Canada;
Alberto Contar, President, Maringa Association for Environmental Protection and Education (ADEAM), Brazil;
Thomas Coon, Indigenou Survival International, Canada: Tim Cooper. National Co-ordinator, Cristian Ecology Group England;
Charles Corea, India;
Jose Pedro de Oliveira Costa, Executive Secretary, Secretaria Especial do Meio Ambiente (SEMA), Brazil;
Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, USSR;
Robert Coupland, University of Saskatchewan, Canada;
John E. Cox, Ottawa, Canada;
Barbara Coyne, Executive Assistance, Ministry of Environment. Toronto, Canada;
Alistair D. Crerar, Chief Executive Officer, Environment Council of Alberta, Canada;
Crossroads Resource Group, Canada;
Christopher Cudmore, Canada;
Igna da Cunha, Assistant to the Director, Social Research and Davelopment Agency, Indonesia;
Joao Pedro Cuthi Dias, Secretary for Environment of the State of Mato Grosso do Sud, Brazil.;

Graham Daborn, Acadia University, Nova Scotia. Canada;
D.C. Danha, Executive Director, African Development Bank, Cote d'Ivoire;
Danisworo, IAI, Indonesia;
P. Darangwa, Zimbabwe;

Stan Darling, Member of Parliament, Chairman, House of Commons, Special Committee on Acid Rain, Canada
Ray Dart, Canada;
Dilip Das, India;
Patrick Davidson, Canada;
Kenneth G. Davis, President, Canadian Foundation for World Development, Canada;
Scott Davis, Foreign Aid Issues Research Framework, Canada;
Claude E. Dlisle, Ecole Polytechnigue de Montreal, Canada;
Wandy Demaine, Western and Northern Region, Albert, Canada;
Micheline Demers, Direction des Communications. Ministere des Relations Internationales, Quebec, Canada;
Michael Dence, Royal Society of Canada. Canada;
Department of Environment, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada;
Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada:
Department of Physics, Carleton University, Canada;
Department of Renewable Resources, Government of the Yukon, Canada;
Doris Derry, Western and Northern Region, Alberta, Canada;
Alain Desautels, Reviser, Translation Bureau. Quebec, Canada;
Richard Deschenes, Head, Transportation Section, Quebec, Canada;
Daniel Deudney, USA:
Gordon Devies, Association of Canadian Engineering Consultants, Canada;
Marion Dewer, International Institute of Concern for Public Health, Canada;
Emmy Dhargono, Coordinator, SKEPHI, Indonesia;
Eberhard Diepgen, Governing Mayor of Berlin (West);
Dave Dilks, Foreign Aid Issues Research Framework, Canada;
N.H. Dini, WALHI, Indonesia;
Direction de Reserves Ecologigues et des Sites Naturels, Ministere de l'Environnement du Quebec, Canada;
A. Djali, BATAN, Indonesia;
Achmad Djen, The Indonesian Environmental Forum, Indonesia;
Artur Joao Donato, President, Industrial Federation of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the Industrial Center of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil;
R.S. Dorney, Consulting Ecologist. Ecoplans Ltd., Canada;
Odd Einar Dorum, Leade of the Norwegian Liberal Party, Norway;
Marc Dourojeanni, Colejio de Ingenieros, Peru;
Harald Dovland, Norsk Institut for Luftforskning, Norway;
Therese Drapeau, Service des Communications, Environment Canada;
Felicia Duarte, Movement in Defense of Life, Brazil;
Daniel Dubeau, Directeur de l'Environnement, Hydro-Quebec, Canada;
Clement Dugas, Environment Canada;
Julian Dumanski, Agricultural Institute of Canada;
A. Dunkel, Director-General, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, Switzerland;
O.P. Dwivedi, Chairman, Department of Political Studies, University of Guelph, Canada;
Sidsel Dyekjaer-Hansen, Danish UN Association, Denmark.;
EDPRA Consulting Inc., Canada:
Wayne Easter, President, National Farmers' Union, Canada;
Ecole Nationale d'Economie Appliquee. Senegal;
Joseph R. Egan, Eqan Associates, USA;
N.S. Egorov, Deputy Minister. Higher and Specialized Secondary Education of the USSR;

Bertil Eidsberg, Vennersborg, Norway;
Constanje Eisenbart, FEST, Federal Republic of Germany;
Anton Eliasmn, Norwegian Meteorological Institute. Norway;
J.R. Ellin, Vice-Chairman, Voluntary Planning Board, Nova Scotia, Canada;
John E1kington, Director, Bioresources Ltd. United Kingdom;
Kenneth C. Emberley. Manitoba Environmental Council Land Use Committee, Canada;
Sabine Emmerich, Berlin (West);
R.J. Engelhardo Staff Member, The Boiler Institute Centre for Energy and Development in Africa, Kenya;
Environment Component Public Service Alliance of Canada, Canada;
Environmental and Energy Study Institute, USA;
Environmental Health Directorate, Health Protection Branch. Minister of National Health and Welfare, Canada;
Environmental Quality Committee of the Alberta Fish and Game Association, Canada;
George Erasmus, Indigenous Survival International, Canada;
Karina Eriksson, Ministry of Agriculture, Sweden;
Alan Ernest, Foreign Aid Issues Research Framework, Canada;
John Evans, Canada;
S.A. Evteyev, Deputy Chairman, Scientific Council on the Biosphere, USSR Academy of Sciences;

Anthony J.Fairclougn, Acing Director General, Commission of the European Communities, Brussels, Belgium;
Hugh Fairn. Chairman, Land Resources Coordinating Council. Voluntary Planning Board, Nova Scotia, Canada;
T.L. de Fayer, Canada;
Anwar Fazal, IOCU Regional Director for Asia/Pacific, Malaysia;
A. Fazelyanov, Aide to Commissioner Sokolov, USER;
Federal Environmental Assessment Review Office, Government Canada;
Pedro Antonio Federsoni, Jr, Head of Museum. Brazil;
Fabio Feldman, Coordinator, Lawyers' Association of Brazil;
Douglas Ferguson, student, North Toronto Collegiate, Canada;
Maxime Ferrari, Director, UNEP Regional Office for Africa, Kenya;
Janinc Ferretti, The Pollution Probe Foundation, Canada;
Erik Fill, Head of Division, Danish International Development Agency, Denmark;
Flying Tomato Production, Canada;
Foreign Aid Issues Research Framework, Canada;
Richard Fort, Ministry of the Environment, Norway;
Theodora Carroll Foster, EDPRA Consulting. Inc., Canada:
James Francois, Executive Director, Watershed Association
Development Enterprises, Nova Scotia, Canada;
Marcel Frenette, Professcut Titulaire, Dept de Genie Civil Universite Laval, Canada;
Alexander G. Friedrich, Chairman, German Foundation for International Development, Berlin (West);
I.T Frolov, Academy of Sciences of the USSR;
Rie'ro Fukuda, Social Cooperation Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, United Nations Bureau, Japan;
Fundacion para la Defensa del Amblente (FUNAM}, Argentina.

Richard Gaechter, Ambassador of Switzerland, Kenya;
Gilles Gagnon, Service de la Recherche Applique, Ministere de l'Energie et des resources, Canada;

LUC Gagnon, Comite pour une strategic quebecoise de conservation, Canada;
Julio M.G. Gaiger, President, National Indian Support Association, Brazil;
Gary Gallon, Canada;
Raul Ximenes Galvao, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil;
I,P. Garbouchev, Bulgarian Academy of Science, Bulgaria;
Rolando Garcia, Centre for Advanced Studies, IPN, Mexico;
Jerry Garvey, Communications Consultants Ltd., Canada;
T. Gedamu, Senior Economic Advisor, African Development Bank, Cote d'voire;
Richard Gendron, Mouvement Ecologique Collegial de Sherbrooke, Canada;
Robert Geraghty, Deputy Minister, Department of Housing, Government of Nova Scotia, Canada;
Steinar Gil, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway;
Michael Gilbertson, Contaminants Evaluation Officer, Fisheries and Oceans, Canada;
J.W. Giles, Associate Deputy Minister. Ministry of Environment, Ontario, Canada;
Libuse Gilka, Society for Understanding Nutrition, Canada;
Marcelle Girard, Service de Communications, Environment Canada:
Thomas Gladwin, Associate Professor, New York University, USA;
Harris R. Gleckman, Transnational Affairs Officer, Centre on Transnational Corporations, United Nations, USA;
Global Tomorrow Coalition, USA;
E. Gobena, Conference Organizer, UNEP, Kenya;
Lorraine Goddard, Administration Officer, Intergovernmental Affair Directorate, Canada;
Maynari Goes, President, Camara Municipal de Campos do Jordao, Brazil;
Jose Goldemberg, President, Companhia Energetica de Sao Paulo, Brazil;
Bernice Goldsmith, student, North Toronto Coliegiate, Canada;
Maria de Lourdes Passos Gomes Nahas, Companhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental (CETESB), Brazil;
John Gordon, Environment Analyst Conservation and Protection Service, Environment Canada – Atlantic Region, Canada;
Steve Gorman, Scheduling Officer, Office of the Deputy Minister, Ottawa, Canada;
Debbie Goryk, Western and Northern Region, Alberta, Canada;
Laurie Goutlay, Canada;
Odd Grann, Secretary General, Norwegian Red Cross, Norway;
Douglas R. Grant, Scientist, International Union for Quaternary Research, Canada;
Fitzhugh Green, Aide to Commissioner Ruckelshaus, USA;
Greenpeace, United Kingdom;
Dolores Gregory, Aide to Commissioner Ruckelshaus, USA;
Lucio Grinover, Director, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil;
Gary Gurbin, Parliamentary Secretary co the Minister of Environment, Canada;
Ibsen de Gusmao Camara, President, Brazilian Foundation for the Preservation of Nature. Brazil; Z. Gyimesi. Director of the Central Research Institute for Physics, Hungary.;

Ismid Hadad. Chief Editor, PRISMA Institute for Economic and Social Research, Education & Information, Indonesia;
Ahmed Hagag, Ambassador of Egypt, Kenya;
Bertil Hagerhall, Ministry of Agriculture, Sweden;
Laura Hahn, Canada;
Peter Hall, Department of Geography, University of Reading, United Kingdom;
Betty Hamilton, Environment Canada, Atlantic Region, Canada;
H.L. Hammond, Forester Silva Ecosyste Consultants Ltd., Canada;
Ole Jorgen Hansen, Miljoverndepartementot, Norway;
Svein Hansen, Aide to the Chairman, Norway:
Arthur J. Hanson, Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada;
Halle John Hanssen, NORAD/DUH, Norway;
Hanwarh, EMDI, Indonesia;
Estu Sinar Harepan, Indonesia;
Jorge Hardoy, International Institute for Environment and Development, Argentina;
Kenneth Hare, Provost of Trinity College, University of Toronto, Canada;
Jennifer Harker, Senior Environmental Planner, M.M. Dillon Ltd., Canada;
Jorgen Hartnak, Ministry of Environment, Denmark;
Nashihin Hasan, Chairman of the Board, WALHI, Indonesia;
Erkki Hasanen, The Academy of Finland, Finland;
Michio Hashimoto, Environmental Science Policy Unit, Tsukuba University, Japan;
Zentaro Hashimoto, Assistant of Vice Minister, Environment Agency, Japan;
Frederic Hauge, Environment and Youth, Norway;
Heather Hawrys, Administrative Assistant, Ministry of Environment, British Columbia, Canada;
Janice Hayes, Ottawa Convention Services Ltd., Canada;
Ivan Head, International Development Research Center, Canada;
Carl-Geran Heden, Karolinska Institute, Sweden;
Robert van Heeckeren, The Netherlands;
Marianne Heiberg, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Norway;
Dieter Heinrich, World Association of World Federalists, Netherlands;
Motten Hells, Statens Forurensningstilsyn, Norway;
Be Herrlander, Flakt Industri AS. Sweden:
Farida Hewitt, Foreign Aid Issues Research Framework, Canada:
Nicholas Highton, Beijer Institute, Sweden;
Stuart B. Hill, Ecological Agriculture Projects, MacDonald College
McGill University, Canada:
Janus Hillgard, Greenpeace, Denmark:
Dorothy Hogben, Communications Branch, Ottawa, Canada:
Miriam Holland, Canada;
C.S. Holling, Institute of Animal Resources Ecology, University of British Columbia, Canada;
Sidney Holt, International League for the Protection of Cetaceans, United Kingdom:
Erika Horvath, Canada;
P. Hosia, Zimbabwe;
E. Howard-Clinton, Economic Affairs Officer, Economic Commission for Africa, Ethiopia;

Nay Htun, Director, UNEP Regional Office for Asia and Pacific, Thailand;
Donald Huisingh, North Carolina State University, USA;
Eric Hulten, Norsk Rad, Sweden;
Michael Humphriss, Chairman, Islands Trust. The Wilderness Advisory Committee, Canada;
George Hyfantis, Advanced Waste Management Systems, Inc., USA:
Erik Hyrhaug. New Thinking, Norway;
Thomas Hysing, Norwave, Norway.
M. Ibrahim, Badan Litbank DepTan, Indonesia;
Eva Ikonen, The Academy of Finland, Finland;
Toshiyuki Inamura, Minister of State, Director of the Environment Agency, Japan;
Indigenous Survival International, Canada;
Rhoda Inuksu, President, Inuit Tapirisat of Canada, Canada;
Uzuki Isomura, Visitors Receiving Section, International Department, International Hospitality and Conference Association, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan;
Institute for Environmental Protection and Control in Mato Grosso do Sul (INAIB), Bazil;
International Chamber of Commerce, France;
International Council of Scientific Unions, France;
International Development Research Centre, Canada;
International Federation of Institutes for Advanced Study, Canada;
International Union of Geological Sciences, Canada;
Colin Isaacs, Pollution Probe Foundation, Canada;
N. Islam, Assistant Director General, Food and Agriculture Organization or the United Nations, Italy;
I.D. Ivanov, Institute of World Economy and International Relations, USSR;
Y.A. Izrael, Chairman, State Committee on Hydrometeorology and Control of the Environaent. USSR.

J. Jakobsche, Advisor to the Chairman of the Planning Coramission. Council of Ministers, Poland;
Neil Jamieson, East West Centre, Hawai;
Bhupenda Jasani, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Sweden;
R.D. Jenny, Indonesia;
Gregory Jells, Canada;
Hira Jhamtani, Biological Science Club, Indonesia;
Svein Steve Jobansan, Norwegian Institute for Water Research, Norway;
Jan Johansen, Statens Forurensningstilsyn, Norway;
Thomas Johanson, University of Lund, Sweden;
All Johnels, Naturhistoriska Rlksmuseet, Sweden;
P.M. Johnson, chairman Advisory Committee and Trustee, The Elsa Animal Appeal, Kenya;
Down Jones, Foreign Services Community Association, Ottawa, Canada;
Karen Jorgensen, Ministry of the Environment, Norway;
Irwan Julianto, KOMPAS, Indonesia;
Calestous Jura, Science and Policy Research Unit (SPRU), Sussex
University, United Kingdom;
Moch. Jusuf, Antara, Indonesia.

T.O. Kaazik, Deputy Director of Vocational Training Institute for High Ranking Officials of Council of Ministers of the Estonian SSR. USSR;
Wattono Kadri, Dep. Kehutanan, Indonesia;
A.M. Kaidala, Acting-Chief, Agro-Industrial Committee of the USSR Department of Nature Protection. Reserves, Forestry and Animal Husbandry, USSR;
Yolanda Kakabadse, Director, Fundscion Nature, Ecuador;
Fumio Kaneko, Assistant Director, International Department, International Hospitality and Conference Service Association, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Japan;
Yoshikazu Kaneko, Director, Social Cooperation Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. United Nations Bureau, Japan;
Kartjono, Manager, Research and Communication, Bins Swadaya, Indonesia;
Roger Kasperson, Clark University, USA;
J.A. Katili, Pertambangan & Energy, Indonesia;
Kativik Environmental Quality Commission, Canada;
Aristides Katoppo. Director. Sinah Kasih Publishing Group, Indonesia;
Pekka Kauppi, Ministry of Environment, Finland;
lssei Kawakatsu, Deputy Director, Social Cooperation Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, United Nations Bureau, Japan;
Joe Keeper, Northern Flood Committee (Cree Indian Bands). Canada;
Terry A. Kelly, Chief, Administration, Text, Processing Communications and Support Services, Canada;
Kenyen and Kenya Based NGOs, Kenya;
Esther Kienholz, Neetern and Northern Region, Alberta, Canada;
Guetav A. Kienitz, Berlin (West);
Sheila Kieren, Special Assistant, Office of the Minister of the Environment, Ottawa, Canada;
Keikichi Kihara, Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, Chiba University, Japan;
Denise Killanova Mattes, Director. Department for Education and Cult re, Municipality of Vatgem Grande Paulfete, Brazil;
Lee Kimball, International Institute for Environment and Development, USA;
J.P. Ktmmins, Professor of Forest Ecology, University of British Columbia, Canada;
Taijiro Kimura, Social Cooperation Division, Ministry of Forein Affairs. United Nation Bureau, Japan;
Yuji Kimura, Assistant Director, International Affairs, Environment Agency, Japan;
Jim Kingham, Director General, Ontario Region, Environment Canada, Ontario, Canada;
M.F. Kismadi, Aide to Commissioner Salim, Indonesia;
Chuck Knight, Nayor, City of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada;
Osamu Kobayashi, Director of the Environment Protection Department, Tokyo Electric Power Co. Ltd., Japan;
Tatyana Kodhiat, The Indonesian Environmental Forum, Indonesia;
Kodhyat, Institute for Indonesian Tourism Studies, Indonesia;
Yoshihiro Kogane, Vice President, Nikko Research Center Ltd., Japan;
Ole Andreas Kongsgaarden, Elkem A/S Fiskaa Verk, Norway;
Sergei Korneev, t'SSR Academy for Foreign Trade. USSR;
L.N. Krasavina, Moscow Financial Institute, USSR;
Ailton Krenak, Coordinator, Indian Nations' Union. Brazil;
Bjornulf Kristiansen, Norwegian Farmers' Union, Norway;
Sergei Kromov, USSR Academy of Sciences, USSR;

Joseph J. Krop, Society for Clinical Ecology, Canada;
A. Kubozono. Director, International Affairs Division, National Aerospace Development Agency, Japan;
Yuri Kurdas, USSR State Committee for Science and Technology, USSR;
Paul Kuzmin, USSR State Committee for Science and Technology, USSR;
Keri Kveseth, Royal Norwegian Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Norway;
B. Kwenda, Conference Organizer, Hatare International Conference Centre, Zimbabwe.

Monique Lachance, Coordination Sectorielle, Ministers des Relations Internationales, Quebec, Canada;
Poke Laenui. World Council of Indigenous Peoples, Canada;
J. Laine. E & RS 300, Canada;
Nicolau Laitano, Director, Center for Environmental Protection.
Alto Urugai Catarinense – Vale do Rio de Peixe, Jabots, Santa Caterina, Brazil;
Cindy Lamson, Institute for Resource and Environmental Studies, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada;
Gundrun Landbo, Chief, Information NORAD, Norway;
Cacilda Lanuza, Actress, Member of the Seiva Ecological Movement,and Member of the Brazilian Ecological Movement, Brazil;
David Large, Voluntary Planning Board, Nova Scotia, Canada;
I.A. Latysjev, Institute for East Studies, USSR;
John. A. Laurmann, Gas Research Institute, USA;
Guy LeBlanc, Minister of Environment, Nova Scotia, Canada;
Gerald Leach, International Institute for Environment and Development, United Kingdom;
Jose Leal, Economic Commission for Latin America, Chile;
V.A. Legasov, Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR;
Jeffrey Leonard, Conservation Foundation, USA;
Don Lesh, Global Tomorrow Coalition, USA;
Gilles Leecard, International Development Research Center, Canada:
Arturo Leyeer, Berlin (West);
Tek-Tjeng Lie, National Institute for Cultural Studies, Indonesia;
Mars Liliana. Vice-President, National Council for Protection Medium Director of National Council for Water, Romania;
Clifford Lincoln, Environment Minister of Quebec, Canada;
Per Lindblom Deputy Director, IFIAS, Sweden;
Götz Link, Programme Officer, German Foundation for International Development, Berlin (West);
Mr Liphuko, Department of Regional and Town Planning, Ministry of Local Government and Lands, Botswana;
Fu Lixiun, People's Republic of China;
Maurice Lloyd, Manager, Atlantic Region UMA Group, Nova Scotia, Canada;
Yedo Lobao, Congressman, Legislative Assembly, Brazil:
Martin Loer, Norsk Forseljelp, Norway;
A.A. Losdin, Libang DepKes, Indonesia;
Martin Loer, Protokoll des Landes Berlin (West);
J. Lofblad, General Secretary, International Federation of Building and Woodworkers, Norway;
John Logsden, Director of Programme in Science and Technology and Public Policy, George Washington University. USA;
Bindu Lohmni, Chairman, Environmental Engineering Division, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand;
Aage Lomo, Federation of Norwegian Industries, Norway;

Susy Crietina Lopee Moco, Companhia de Tecnologia de Sanesmento Ambiental (CETESB), Brazil;
Jocelyne Louis-Seize, Text Processing Operator, Intergovernmental Affairs Directorate, Ottawa, Canada;
Asbjorn Lovbraek, Michelsen lnstitut, Norway;
Tom Lovejoy, Vice-President of the World Wildlife Fund-US, USA;
L. Luctacz, Professor, University of Warsaw, Poland:
Svante Lundkvist, Swedish Minister of Agriculture. Sweden;
Jose A. Lutzemberger, President, AGAPAN de Porto Alegre, Uniao Ecologica. Brazil;
Ned Lynch, Director, International Programme Branch. Intergovernmental Affairs Directorate, Canada:
Finn Lynge, Inuit Circumpolar Conference Environmental Commission, Denmark.

M.A.L. Mabaguni, Department of Geography, Ibadan University, Nigeria:
Nydia MacCool, Ottawa Convention Services, Ltd. Canada;
Paulo Afonso Leme Machado, Professor of Environmental Law in Piracicaba, Brazil:
Peter MacKeller, Director, Energy and Environment Division, Ottawa, Canada;
Andrew MacKay, President, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada;
A.R. MacKinnon, Director, Centre for International Programs, Canada;
Norman MacNeill, Deputy Minister, Department of Development, Government of Nova Scotia, Canada;
Lucie MacRillo, Administrative Operations, Ottawa, Canada;
Vera Luiza Visockis Maceda, Brazil:
Andrew H. Macpherson, Canada:
Marc Megeli, Co-Presidsnts, Socisto pour Vaincre la Pollution, Canada;
Burhen Magenda, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, University of Indonesia, Indonesia;
Sophie Malt, Canada;
Vladimir Maksimov, USSR Academy for Foreign Trade, USSR;
Carl Goren Maler, Sweden;
Halfdan Mahler, Director-General, World Health Organization, Switzerland;
Kathini Maloba, The International Federation of Plantation, Agricultural and Allied Workers, Kenya;
Zephaniah Marsdirahwe, Zimbabwe;
Leif Manger, Norwegian Association for Development Research, Norway;
Elisabeth Mann Borgese, Dalhousie University, Institute for Resource and Environment Studies, Canada;
William Mansfield, Deputy Executive Director, UNEP, Kenya;
Audrey Manzer, Chairman. Dartmouth LaKes Advisory Board, Nova Scotia, Canada;
Andi Mappasala, Chairman, Yayasan Tellung Poccoe, Indonesia;
NinuK Mardiana, KOMPAS, Indonesia;
Mahar Mardjono, Chairman, FISKA, Indonesia;
Pierre de Margetie, The Toronto Issues Exploration Group, Canada;
M.H. Maria, KOMPAS, Indonesia;
D.J. Marguardt, Director, Administrative Operations, Canada;
Aristides Marques, Vice-Executive Secretary, National Council for Urban Development, Brazil;
B.E. Marr, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Environment. British Columbia. Canada;
Andre Madsen, Andre Marsan & Associates, Canada;

Roll Martrander, Director, Environmental Affairs, Norsk Xydro, Norway;
R.B. Martin, Principal Ecologst, Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management, Zimbawbe;
Andre Martin, Service des Relations Publiques, Hydro-Quebec, Canada;
Maureen Martinauck, Information Directorate, Toronto, Canada;
Esperarza Martinez, Executive Director, Society for the Defense of Nature in Pachamamata Camaccuria Ecuador;
Seedarno Martosewojo, Indonesia;
A. Mascarenhas, Regional Director of the Conservation for Development Center, IUCN, Zimbabwe;
Sergei Maslov, USSR Academy for Foreign Trade, USSR;
Joel Matheson, Minister of Mines and Energy, Government of Nova Scotia, Canada;
T.l. Mathew, International Labour Office, Switzerland;
Kazuo Matsushita, Assistant of Vice Minister. Environment Agency, Japan:
I. Matsvairo, Zimbabwe:
Denise V. Mattes, Director, Education and Culture Department of the Municipality of Varge en Grande Paulista, Brazil;
Tom McCarthy, Chairman, Environment Committee, International Chamber of Commerce, France;
Donna McConnell, Department of Environment, Nova Scotia, Canada;
Donald McCracken, Foreign Aid Issues Research Framework, Canada;
Donna McCready, Research Coordinator, Department of Environment, Nova Scotia, Canada;
Jane McDowell, Communications Officer, Intergovernmental Affairs Directorate, Canada;
A.D. Mcintyre, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for Scotland, Marine Laboratory, United Kingdom;
A.J. Mcintyre, Canada:
Alister Mcintyre, Deputy Secretary-General, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Switzerland;
Keith L. Mcintyre, Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology, Canada;
Suzanne McLennan, Charter Division, Ottawa, Canada;
Tom McMillan, Minister of the Environment, Government of Canada, Canada;
Jeffrey A. McNeely, International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, Switzerland;
Harvey Mead, Union Quebecelse pour la Conservatio de la Nature, Canada;
J.A. de Medicis, Ambassador of Brazil, Former Chairman, Intergovernmental Inter-sessional Preparatory Committee, Kenya;
Evan Mehlum, Netware A/S, Norway:
Meizar, SKREPP, Indonesia;
Guillermo Gallo Mendoza, Fundacion Barlloche, Argentina;
Gray Merriam, Professor of Biology, Carleton University, Canada;
Joyce Michelis, Head, Correspondence, Conservation and Protection, Ottawa, Canada;
Andrew Michrowski, President, Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Canada;
Bogadur Mickailov, USSR State Committee for Science and Technology, USSR;
L.E. Mikhailov, Deputy Chairman, USS State Committee on Forestry, USSR;
Simon Miles, Conservation Council of Ontario,. Canada;

Kenton Miller, Director General, International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, Switzerland;
Betty Mindlin, Institute for Economic Research, Brazil;
Abdul Samad Minty, Anti-Apartheid Movement, United Kingdom;
Irving Mintzer, World Resources Institute, USA:
Barbara Mitchell, International Institute for Environment and Development. United Kingdom;
Debbie Mitchell, Department of Environment, Nova Scotia, Canada;
R. Mkwanazi, Zimbabwe;
Adhi Moersid, IAI, Indonesia;
N.N. Moiseyev, Member, Academy of Sciences of the USSR;
Dag Moller, Fiskeridirektoratets Havforskningsinstitutt, Norway;
B.A. Molski, Professor, Botanical Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, Poland;
Olga Monakova, USSR Academy of Sciences;
Marcello Monteiro de Carvalho, Attorney-at-Law, Brazil;
Estanislau Monteiro de Oliveira, Secretaria Especial do Meio Ambients (SEMA), Brazil;
Raul A. Montenegro, President, Asociacion Argentina de Ecologia, Argentina;
Andre Franco Montoro, Governor, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Laurindo S. Moreira, Miguelopolis, Brazil;
Joao Eduardo Moritz, President, Brazilian National Federation of Engineers, Brazil;
Omar Morrinez-Legeretta, Mexico;
Karen Morrison, Canada;
Joao Eduardo Mortiz, President, Brazilian National Federation of Engineers, Brazil;
Ted Moses, Grand Chief/Chairman, Grand Council of the Crees, Canada;
Movement for the Defense of Life, Santos, Brazil;
T.P.Z. Mpofu, Director of Natural Resources, Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Zimbabwe;
P. Muchanyuka, Zimbabwe;
Simon Muchiru, Environment Liaison Centre, Kenya;
Robert Mugabe, Prime Minister, Zimbabwe;
Kartono Muhamad, FISKA, Indonesia;
Paul Muldoon, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada;
Herald Muller, Hessische Stirtung Friedens- und Konfliktforschung, Federal Republic of Germany;
Ingrid Munro, UN Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat), Kenya;
David A. Munro, Secretary-General, Conference on Conservation and Development, Canada;
Laura Murphy, The Indonesian Environmental Forum, Indonesia;
Charles M. Musial, President. New Waterfront, Fish and Game Association. Canada;
Rahab W. Mwatha, Secretary, The Green Belt Movement, Kenya;
Norman Myers, Environmontal Consultant, United Kingdom.

William Nagle, World Resources Institute, USA;
I.V. Nagy, President, Environment Protection Committee of the Patriotic People's Front, Hungary;
Syamsuddin Nainggolan, Yayasan Pants Bakti, Indonesia;
P.K.R. Nair, International Council for Research on Agroforestry (ICRAF), Kenya,
Lance Nale, Executive Director, Voluntary Planning Board. Department of Development, Nova Scotia, Canada;

Nobuyoshi Namiki. Member of Board of Directors, Japan Economic Research Centre, Japan;
David Nantes, Minister of Municipal Allairs, Government of Nova Scotia. Canada;
National Agency of Environmental Protection, Denmark;
National Council of Rubber Tappers of Brazil, Brazil;
National Survival Institute, Canada;
Yoshihiro Natoff, Assistant Director, International Affairs. Environment Agency, Japan;
Natural Resources Defense Council, USA;
Valerian Naumov, USSR State Committee for Science and Technology, USSR;
Coleman Nee, Aide to Commissioner Ruckelshaus, USA:
Neighborhood Association of Barra da Tijuca (AMABARRA), Brazil;
Gordon Nelson, Faculty of Environmental Studies, University of Waterloo, Canada;
Fiona Nelson, Chairperson, National Survival Institute, Canada;
Jeremiah Niagah, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Kenya;
Peter Nijhoff, Director. Nature and Environment, IUCN, Netherlands;
Hiroshi Nishimiya, Social Cooperation Division. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, United Nations Bureau, Japan;
Teshishige Nishio, Director, Public Information Office, Environment Agency, Japan;
Garth Norris, Western and Northern Region, Alberta, Canada;
North Toronto Collegiate, Canada;
Norwegian Farmer's Union and the Agricultural Cooperative Organizations, Norway;
S. Nugroho, LKBN Antara, Indonesia;
Abdul Hakim Nusantara, SKREPP, Indonesia;
Joseph S. Nye, Director, Centre for Science and International Affairs, USA;
Julius K. Nyerere, former President, Tanzania.
John O'Riordan, Director, Planning and Assessment, Ministry of Environment, British Columbia, Canada;
Timothy O'Riordan, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, United Kingdom;
G.O.P. Obasi, Director General, World Meteorological Organization, Switzerland:
Hans Odendahl, Manager, Crawley-McCracken, Ottawa, Canada;
Richard Odingo, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University Nairobi, Kenya;
Kamil geeman, Bird-Lovers Association of Indonesia, Indonesia;
Paschalia Edith Ooaye, Breastfeeding Information Group, Kenya;
Tosohisa Ohno, Visitors Receiving Section, International Hospitality and Conference Service Association, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan;
Oikos, Association for Defenders of the Earth, Brazil;
Ibu Gedong Baggee Oa, Indonesia;
Luza Okiishi, Companhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental (CETESB), Brazil;
G. Okolotowicz, Research Scientist, Sea Fisheries Institute, Poland;
Kate Olsrud, Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature, Norway;
Maria Isabel Oliveira Vieira de Mendonca, Companhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental (CETESB), Brazil: George Opundo, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Kenya;
Beatrice Olivastri, Executive Director. National Survival Institute, Canada;

O. Ooko-Obaka. Public Law Institute, Kenya;
Alex Orlov, USSR Acadamy for Foreign Trade, USSR;
Celso Orsini, University of See Paulo, Brazil;
Antonio Ortiz Mens, President, Inter-Aerican Development Bank, USA;
J.O. Oucho, Population Studies and Research Institute, Kenya:
Joseph Qume, Dean of School of Environmental Studies, University, Kenya;
Janetie Outerkirk, Administrative Assistant, Office of the Deputy Minister, Ottawa, Canada;
Lars Overein, Norwegian Institute for Water Research, Norway.
Maureen Oxley, Canada.

Maria Tereza Jorge Padua, General Secretary, Brazilian Institute for Forestry Development, Brazil;
Waldemar Pailoli, President, Brazilian Association for the Protection of Nature, Brazil;
G.K.C. Pardee, United Kingdom;
Leo Pare, Sous-Ministre. Ministers des Relations Internationales, Quebec, Canada;
Regina Maria Passes Gemes, Companhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Amblesial (CETESB), Bazil;
Surendra Petal, Professor, University of Sussex, United Kingdom;
Corry Patty, Indonesia;
Torbjorn Paula, Norges Naturvernforbund, Norway;
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J. Pawlak, Deputy Chief Inspector. State Inspectorate of Environment, Poland;
Bing Pearl, Chief of Staff, Ministry of National Defence, Ottawa. Canada;
Charles Pearson, The Johns Hopkins University, USA;
Red Pedersen, Minister of Renewable Resources, Government of the Northwest Territories, Canada;
Flavio Rios Peixoto da Silvaira, Minister of Urban Development and Environment, Brazil;
Austin Pelion, Minister of Environment, British Columbia, Canada:
Maria Jose Pareira de Lacerda (Dede), Resident of Gariroba shantytown. Brazil;
Renat Parelet. Scientific Secretary, Institute for System Studies of the State Committee for Science and Technology and the USSR Academy of Sciences;
Nadyr Sobtel Peres de Souza, President, Regional Council for Environmental Defense (CONDEIKA), Brazil;
Permanent Assembly of Environmentalist Groups in Sao Paulo (APEDEIA), Brazil;
Siqurd Peterson, President, Agricultural Institute of Canada, Canada;
Leonid Petenko, USSR State Committee for Science and Technology, USSR;
Yuri Petrov, USSR Academy for Foreign Trade, USSR;
Klaus Pfister, Ministry of Environment, Finland;
M. Jean Pierre, Director, Direction des Strategies et Politiques Environnementales, Quebec, Canada;
Luis Carlos Pinheiro Machado, President, Brazilian Company of Faring/Ranching Research, Brazil;
Dick Pitman, Zambesi Society and the Wildlife Society, Zimbabwe;
Planetary Association for Clean Energy. Inc, Canada;
George Pletiukhine, USSR State Committee for Science and Technology, USSR;

Hasan Poerbo, PPLH ITB, Indonesia;
P.I. Poleracy, Deputy Chairman. Commission on Environmental Protection and Rational Use of Natural Resources of the Presidium of the Council of Ministers, USSR;
Pollution Probe Foundation, Canada;
B.V. Pospelov, Institute for the Far-East, USSR;
Luiz Augusto de Proenca Rosa, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil;
George Priddle, Chairman and Associate Professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies, Waterloo University, Canada;
D.I. Protsenko, Chairman, State Committee on Natural Protection of the Ukranian SSR, USSR;
Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia. Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec, Canada;
Public Advisory Committees to Environment Council of Alberta. Canada;
Agus Puronomo, The Indonesian Environmental Forum, Indonesia.
S.A. Qasin, Aide to Commisioner Al-Athel, Saudi Arabia;
Irene Quellet, Administrative Assistant, Intergovernmental Affairs Directorate, Ottawa, Canada;

T.W. Raintung, DGI, Indonesia;
Jacub Rais, Bakosurtanal, Indonesia;
Arcot Ramachandran, Executive Director, UN Centre for Human Settlements, Kenya;
Hanna Rambe, Majalah Mutiara Indonesia;
K.K.S. Rana, former Chairman, Intergovernmental Inter-sessional Preparatory Committee, Kenya;
Paul Raskin, Energy Systems Research Group. USA;
A. Ray, Fndamental Research Institute, Canada;
Amalya Reddy, Department of Management Studies. Indian Institute of Science, India;
William E. Rees, Associate Professor, School of Community and Regional Planning, University of British Columbia, Canada;
Regional Development and Farming Systems Research Groups, Royal Tropical Institute, Netherlands;
David Rehling, Danmarks Naturfredningsforening, Denmark;
William K. Reilly, President, Conservation Foundation, USA;
Magda Rennet, President, Friends of the Earth, Brazil;
Robert Repetto, World Resources Institute, USA;
Ataide Rbeiro, City Councilman, Health and Environmental Council of Santana do Parnaiba, Brazil;
Miles G, Richardson, President, Council of the Haida Nation, Canada;
Peter Richerrs, Saint Mary's University, Nova Scotia, Canada;
Sheila Ritchie, Communications Branch, Pacific and Yukon Region, Canada;
Filippo di Robilant, Aide to Commissioner Agnelli, Italy;
Raymond Robinson, Federal Environmental Assessment Review office, Canada;
Henning Rodhe. Stockholms Universitet, Sweden;
Nina Kvalheim Rong, Rong Lake A/S, Norway;
E.F. Roots, Office of the Science Advisor, Canada;
Imron Rosyadi, MUI, Indonesia;
Rolf Svein Rougno, Ordforer, Norway;
Sauli Rouhinen, Finnish Council for the Protection of the Environment, Finland;
Stanley Rowe, Saskatchewan Environmental Society, Canada;
Royal Society of Canada, Academy of Science, Canada;

B.G. Rozanov, Moscow State University, USSR;
David Runnalls, International Institute for Environment and Development, USA;
I.I. Russin, Professor, Moscow State University.

Lanacy Sachs, Centre International do Recherche sur l'environnement et le developpement, France;
Roald Sagdeev, Institute of Space Research, USSR;
Klaus A. Sahlgren, Executive Secretary, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Switzerland;
William Saint, Executive Director, Ford Foundation, Kenya;
Genevieve Sainte-Maire, Deputy Minister, Environmet Canada, Quebec, Canada;
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Sslam, The Indonesian Environmental Forum, Indonesia;
Dodo Sambodo, The Indonesian Environmental Forum, Indonesia;
Plinio Sampaio Jr, Catholic University of Sao Paulo, Brazil;
Richard qandbrook, Executive Vice President, International Institute for Environment and Development/Earthscan, United
Kitsten Fander, Greenpeace, Denmark;
Sao Paulo Municipal Advisory Councils for Protection of the Environmont (CONDEMA), Brazil.;
Sarlito Sarwono, Faculty of Psychology, University of Indonesia, Indonesia:
Adi Sasono, Director, Institute for Development Studies, Indonesia;
Eiko Sato, Visitors Receiving Section. International Department, International Hospitality and Conference Service Association.
David Saterthwaite, International Institute for Environment and Development, United Kingdom;
Phillip Saunders, International Centre for Ocean Development, Nova Scotia, Canada;
Lee Schippe, Shell International Petroleum Company, United Kingdom;
Milhela Schmid, Chef des Affaires internationales de l'Environnement, Departement Federal des Aftaires étrangéres,Switzerland;
Ted Schrecker, Dep of Elvironment and Resource of Studies, Canada;
Ilja Schwartz, USSR State Committee for Science and Technology, USSR;
Christopher Seebach, President, Aquarian Agency Ltd, Canada;
Michael Sefali, Minister of Planning for Lesotho, SADCC Sector for Soil and Water Conservation and Land Utilization, Lesotho;
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Veronique Seifert, Earthscan. United Kingdom;
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Yuri Serkevich, Institute for Big-Medicine, USSR;
Sugeng Setiadi, Chairman of the Board, Yayasan Mandizi, Indonesia;
V. Shakarov, Aide to Commissioner Sokolov, USSR;
Ravi Sharma, Environment Liaison Centre, Kenya;
Margarita Shatkovsk, Companbia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental (CETESB), Brazil;
Kathleen Shaw, Canadian Federation of University Women, Legislative Committee, Canada;
R.H. Shepherd, President, Syncrude Canada, Ltd. Canada;

Steven Shrybman, Counsel, Canadian Environmental Law Association.Canada:
M.R. Siahaan. DG1, Indonesia;
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Jaime da Silva Araujo, National Council of Rubber Tappers, Brazil;
Linus Simanjuntak, Chairman, YIH. Indonesia;
Michael Simmons. The DPA Group, Nova Scotia, Canada;
Janet Singh, Aide to Commissioner Ramphal, United Kingdom;
Rosa Sirois, Environment Canada. Atlantic Region. Canada;
J. Siuta. Deputy Director, Institute of Environmental Protection. Poland;
R.W. Slater, Assistant Deputy Minister. Corporate Planning, Quebec, Canada;
Fred Sleicher, Manager, Great Lakes Section, Ministry of the Environment, Ontario, Canada;
Bruce M. Small, Pollution and Education Review Group. the Board of Education for the City of Toronto, Canada;
M.G. Smith, Department of Social Anthropoloqv. Yale University. USA;
lan R. Smyth, Executive Director. Canadian P-trt sum Association.Canada:
H.M. Soedjono, MUI, Indonesia;
Francisca Soee, Protokoll des Landes Berlin (West);
Soeharto, President, Indonesia;
Sugyanto Soegyoko, ITP. Indonesia;
Retno Soetarjono. PSL UI. Indonesia;
K. Soetrisno. Indonesia;
Hardjanto Sostoh‘rsono, Ditjen Tanaman Fangan, Indonesia;
Aristides Arthur Soffiat. Netto, President, North Fluminense Centerfor Conservation of Nature - City of Campos, Brazil;
Arthur Soffiati, Sociedade visconde de Sao Leopoldo. Brazil;
H. Solodzuk. Deputy Minister. Environment Alberta, Canada;
Atle Sommerfeldt. Mellomkirkelig Rad for Den Norska Kirke, Norway;
Gunnar Sorbo. Christian Michelsens Institute. Norway:
Southern African Development Coordinating Conference (SADCC), Botswana;
Sonia F. de Souza. Agua Finda Anti Pollution League. Brazil;
John Spayne, Aide to Commissioner Khalid;
J. Gustave Speth. President, world Resources Institute, USA;
Robert E. Stein. President, Environmental Med ation International, USA;
Marx Stephanson, Director of Community Relations. Manitoba Environment, Canada;
Tom Stoel, Natural Resources Defense Council, USA;
Hans Stoen, Ministry of the Environment, Norway;
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Jane Stuart, Friends of the Farth Canada, Canada;
Aca Sugandhy, IAP, Indonesia;
Rosi Sularto. IAI, Indonesia;
Sumartoyo, Bins Desa, Indonesia;
Otto Sumarwcto, Lembaga Ekology UNPAD, Indonesia;
B.B. Sundareson National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, India:
Osvaldc Sunkel. Joint ECLA/UNEP unit on Development and Environment, Chile;
Rakel Surlien, Minister of the Environment, Ministry of the Environment, Norway;
K,H. Sutrisno, Vice Director, Yayasan Indonesia Sejahtera Indonesia;

M.S. Swaminathan, President. International Rice Research Institute, Philippines;
Michael Sweatman. Director. International wilderness Leadership Foundation, Canada;
Bruce Switzer, Canada;
Abdullah Syarwani. Executive Director. PKBI. Indonesia;
Istvan Szabolcs, Institute for Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Hungary;
Francisco Szekely, Mexico;
Erwin Szenes. Aide to Commissioner Lang. Hungary.

A. Takats, Division Head, National Authority for Environment Protection and Nature Conservation. Hungary;
Sergei Tamaev, USSR Academy for Foreign Trade. USSR;
Carl Olar Tamm. University of Uppsala, Sweden;
Koichi Tani, Director. International Affairs Division. Environment Agency. Japan;
Task Force on Water Use in Agriculture or the Agricultural Institute of Canada, Canada;
Indra Tata. The Indonesian Environmental Forum, Indonesia:
Dewi Tazkirawati, The Indonesian Environmental Forum. Indonesia:
Bo uengberg. Sweden;
Peter Thacher. Horld Resources Institute. USA;
Tom Thackeray, Director. information Division, Government Alberta. Canada;
Claes Thimren. Sweden;
Vernon G. Thomas, Associate Professor. Department of Zoology. College or Biological Science, University of Guelph. Canada;
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Jose Nillibaldo Thome. President. Zoobotannical Foundation of Rio Grande do Sul. Brazil;
Bruce Thompson, Canada;
Jan Thompson, Aide to the Chairman. Norway;
Craig Thorburn. The Indonesian Environmental Forum, Indonesia;
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Sediono Tjondronegoro, ASMEN RISTEK. Indonesia;
Eileen Tobey, Communication: Consultants Ltd. Canada;
K. Toeti, TEMPO, Indonesia
Mostafa Tolba. Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme, Kenya;
Maja Tolstikova, USSR State Committee tor Science and Technology, USSR;
Ian Torrens, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, France;
Ralph Torzie. Canadian Environment, Development, and Peace Organizations, Canada;
N. I. Towfiq, Aide to Commissioner Al-Athel, Saudi Arabia:
Trent University students. Canada;
Dina Trisundari, The Indonesian Environmental Forum, Indonesia;
Irina Tropina, USSR State Committee for Science and Technology, USSR;
M. Tsabit, WALHI, Indonesia;
Kyai Tsabith, An-Nugoyah Pesantren, Indonesia;
S. Tsikwa, Zimbabwe;
Marina Tumarkina, Youth Environment Protection Council Moscow State University, USSR;
Frans Tumiwa. DGI. Indonesia;

Nick Tyooniuk, Director General, Western and Northern Region, Alberta. Canada.

UNESCO Canada MAB/NET. Canada:
USSR Commission for UNEP. USSR:
G.w. Uku, Chief of Protocol. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Zimbabwe;
Uniao Ecologica, Brazil:
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Switzerland:
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization,France;
University of Laval, Faculty of Sciences and Engineering Canada.
US—Based International Development. Environment. and Population NGOs, USA:
US Council for International Business and the Business Round Table, USA;
G. Ya. Uskov. State Committee for Science and Technnology. USSR.

Marcia Valiante. Canadian Environmental Law Research Foundation. Canada;
J.R. Vallentyne, Senior Scientist. Great takes Fisheries Research
Branch_ Cniazin, Canada:
Randall Van Holla, Carleton University. Canada;
Julie Vandersthot. Projects Officer, Intergovernmental Affairs Directorate. Canada:
David Vanderzwaag. Assistant Professor. Dalhousie Lau School, Nova Scotia. Canada:
Nancy Vanstone. Programme Manager. Planning and Policy Development.
Maritime Resources Management Services. Nova Scotia. Canada;
Galina Varshavskaya, USSR:
Nelson Vasconcelos, Director. Pollution Control of Companhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental (CETESB). Brazil:
Monique Vezina, Minister for External Relations, Canada:
Jean-Pierre Vettovaglia. Minister. Mission permanente de 1a Suisse
pres les organisations internationales. Switzerland:
Valmira Vieira Hecenas. Secretary. Natural Resources. Technology. and Environment, Brazil:
Raymond Vles. Friends of the Earth. Canada:
Sharon Vollman. Office of the Regional Director General. Pacific and Yukon Region. Canada.
Lars Walloe, Universitet of Oslo. Norway:
Ingo Walter. New York University Graduate School of Business. USA:
Kirsten Harnoe, Environmental Protection Agency. Denmark;
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Helmust Weidner, International Institute for Environment and Society, Federal Republic of Germany;
Pearl Weinberger. Department of Biology. University of ottawa. Canada;
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Hestman Media Cooperative Limited. Canada:
Tim Wherle, student, Carleton university, Canada;
Rodney White. Canada;
Henrik Wickmann. Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Denmark;
Widjanarka, KRAPP. Indonesia:

John Wiebe, Director General. Pacific and Yukon Region. Canada;
Ponna Hignaraja, Society for International Development, Italy;
B. Widjanarko. Suara Karya, Indonesia;
Widjarnarko. Coordinator, KRAPP. Indonesia;
Wildlife Clubs of Kenya, Kenya:
Wildlife Habitat Canada, Canada;
Jorge wilheim. Secretary of the Planning Department of the City of Sao Paulo. Brazil:
Peter Wilkinson. Greenpeace International, United Kingdom;
Kare Willoch, Prime Minister of Norway, Norway: Ian Wilson. Canadian Nuclear Association. Canada;
Howard Windsor, Environment Analyst, Canada;
R. Winters. E & RS 300. Canada;
Wahyu Wisaksono. Indonesia;
Gunn Wisloff. President. YwCA. Norway;
Erna Witoelar. HALHI. Indonesia:
Z. Wojcik. Museum of the Earth. Poland:
World Media Institute. Canada:
World Resource Institute. USA:
World Vision International, USA:
Vera Wullur. Chairman, DNIKS. Indonesia;
Brian Wynne. United Kingdom.
Harvey Yakowitz, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, France:
Takashi Yamada. Assistant Director, External Relations Department, Japan:
Ayako Yamada. Head of the Better Living Section, Shiga Prefectural Union of Agricultural Cooperatives. Japan;
A.L. Yanshin. Vice-President, Academy of Sciences of the USSR:
Debra Yatim. The Indonesian Environmental Forum. Indonesia:
Judith Yaworski. President. Communications Consultants. Canada;
Tokuhisa Yoshida, Deputy Director. International Affairs. Environment Agency, Japan;
Alex Yusutardi, The Indonesian Environmental Forum. Indonesia.

V. Zagladin. USSR:
M.T. Zen. BPPT. Indonesia;
John Zetter, United Kingdom:
Mr. Zidel, Chairman. MAB National Committee of the German Democratic Republic. German Democratic Republic;
Zimbabwe NGOs:
Renat Zobnin, USSR Academy for Foreign Trade, USSR;
Werner E. Zulauf, President Director, Companhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental (CETESB), Brazil;
Susilo Zumrotin, Executive Secretary, YLK - Indonesian Consumers Organisation. Indonesia:
J. Zurek, Director, Institute of Environmental Protection, Poland;
Shelley Zwicker, Environment Canada. Atlantic Region, Canada.

  1. In August 1986, for personal reasons, Pablo Gonzalez Casonova ceased to participate in the work of the Commission.