Bundle and Go/The Wonders

Bundle and Go  (1820-1830) 
The Wonders

The date is estimated


Your laughter i'll try to provoke,
With the words I've got in my travels;
And first is a pig in a poke,
Next a law-case without any cavils;
Tol lol, &c.

A straw poker, a tiffany boat,
Paper boots to walk dry thro' the ditches;
A new lignumvitæ great coat,
Flint waistcoat and pair of glass breeches.
Tol lol, &c.

A dimity warming pan new,
Steel night cap, and pair of lawn bellows:
A yard-wide foot-rule, and then two
Odd shoes that belong to odd fellows.
Tol lol, &c.

China wheelbarrow, earthen-ware gig,
A book bound in wood with no leaves to‘t,
Besides a new velveret wig
Lin'd with tripe, and a long pair o‘ sleeves to't.
Tol lol, &c.

A coal-scuttle trim'd with Scottish gauze,
Tickled crimpets and barricoed muffins;
Tallow stewpan, nankeen chest of drawers;
Dumb alarm ball to frighten humguffins;
Tol lol, &c.

Six knives and forks made of red tape,
A patent wash leather polony;
A gilt coat with a gingerbread cape,
And Lin'd with the best macaroni.
Tol lol, &c.

A plumb pudding made of !;u5h[inillegible] deal,
A pnt of mahogany capers;
A gooseberry pye made of veal,
And stuff’d with two three-corner'd scrapers;
Tol loo, &c.

Sour cruet sweeten'd well with small coal,
A fricaseed carpenter's mallet;
A cast iron, toad in a hole;
And a monstrous great hole in the ballad.
Tol lol, &c.

This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.