Canadian Singers and Their Songs/Eve Brodlique Summers

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There is no absence, though indeed it seems
That in a distant land you sometimes stray,
Shut far from me by mountains and by streams
I, nathless, feel your presence night and day
Your cheek next mine rests all throughout my dreams.


There is no absence, though mile after mile
Stretches between your clinging hands and mine,
In every wave of light I see your smile
From every shadow watch your dark eyes shine
And feel our love oer-reaching all exile!


Death is but so-called absence, long drawn out
Wherein your spirit sweeps to mine again,
Undimmed by distance, and unmarred by fear
Unfettered by the accident of pain
My Own! why dread the distance{{subst:--}}There{{subst:--}}or Here?


Eve Brodlique Summers