Canadian Singers and Their Songs/Helen Merrill Egerton

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O magic music of the spring,{{subst:--}}
Across the morning's breezy meads
I hear the south wind in the reeds,
I hear the golden bluebirds sing.

O mellow music of the morn,{{subst:--}}
Across the fading fields of Time
How many joyous songs are borne
From memory's enchanting clime.

I see the grasses shine with dew,
The cornflowers gleaming in the grain,
And Oh! The bluebirds sing{{subst:--}}and You?
We fare together once again.

O haunting music of the dusk,
When silent birds are on the wing
And sweet is scent of pine and musk{{subst:--}}
Oh! As we wander hand in hand
Along the shadow-painted land,
I hear the golden bluebirds sing.

Helen Merrill Egerton