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Handy Feeding Schedules

Adult Stock.—Morning (Summer):

2-1/2 ounces whole oats
Alternate with mash:
1 part rolled oats
1 part wheat bran
1 part alfalfa meal
1 part soaked beet pulp

Chopped fresh carrots can be used twice a week to take place of beet pulp.

Whole oats soaked overnight will take place of rolled oats, where latter is too high to be profitably used in ration.

Night (Summer):

Clover or alfalfa hay, a liberal handful to each rabbit.

Should have all they will eat up clean. Best to use hay racks and keep them full all the time.

Where hay is before rabbits all the time, feed green food at night, a small handful to each rabbit.

Dandelions, chicory, clover, vegetable tops and lawn clippings are best. Do not feed cabbage.

Water should be given twice a day. Salt should be in the hutches at all times, either rock salt or regular rabbit salt in spool form, which can be placed on a nail about the height of the rabbit's head on the hutch wall.

Nursing Does.—Feed as for adult stock during pregnancy, but let the doe have all she will eat.

Some green food should be given each day.

A large carrot each morning is a good breakfast for a nursing doe. It can be alternated with oats and mash on different mornings.

Hay should be before the doe at all times.

At noon feed her bread and milk. Stale or hard bread is best. Do not feed mouldy bread. Just enough milk to soak up the bread is all that is required.

Doe should have this every noon during the nursing period, and when youngsters commence to run around quantity must be increased.

Mash: Feed all doe will eat before kindling. Fourteen ounces a day after young are two weeks old and by time they are two months old the quantity should have been increased to twenty-eight ounces every morning.

Doe must have green food, a small handful daily. Remove her to a separate hutch while feeding this, if young are running around in hutch.

Be sure to have plenty of fresh water on hand at all times.

Salt, also.

Young Stock.—Feed largely as directed for adult stock.

Oats should be soaked over night and mixed with bran to take wetness out of them. Use this until they can eat dry oats.

Growing stock must have all that it will eat, but care must be taken not to overfeed.

Green food must be fed with great caution under three months of age. It should be started very carefully and a constant watch kept for disastrous effects. Gradually increase quantities until they are on full feed as for adult stock.

Bread and milk should be given at noon as long as possible. It makes ideal ration for growing rabbits.

Plenty of water and a lump of salt in the hutches are essential.

Read the Chapters on Feeding frequently to keep the requirements constantly in mind.