Castelvines y Monteses (Cosens)/Act 1/Scene 4

Castelvines y Monteses  (1869)  by Lope de Vega, translated by F. W. Cosens
Act I, Scene IV

Scene IV.An Orchard.

Enter Otavio, Celia, and Julia.

Otavio. I understand thee not.

Julia. Nor know I thine intent.

Otavio. Sweet coz, at your command
I'm here.

Julia. Here, how, why?

Otavio. If thou did'st not count upon my coming
Why wand'ring 'neath the stars?

Julia. I came here for no purpose that I know
Save this, to show mine anger if thou cam'st.

Otavio. Thy mem'ry fails, for at the ball,
Thou saidst, we'll meet and here to-night.

Julia. Thou sayest well. My father rests but ill,
Go thou and lull him to soft sleep;
And when in slumbers fast he's held,
Come thou and take such poor ungracious love
As I may have for thee; my father sups above.

Otavio. Wilt thou indeed do this?

Julia. Ne'er hesitate,
I can refuse thee nought.

Otavio. Then will I so contrive, that supper o'er
He shall not ask for thee.

Julia. Here then I wait thy coming, coz.

Otavio. Come dainty sleep, and round him cast

Thy sweet oblivious wings. [Exit.

Julia. Celia.

Celia. Dear lady.

Julia. In so great a strait as this
What can an honest maiden do?

Celia. While Otavio converse holds within,
Do thou Roselo tell all here,
And truly undeceive him.

Julia. 'Twere deceit so dark to undeceive.
Should I deceive to undeceive?

Celia. Yes, lady.

Julia. A most cruel sentence this;
I will to Love appeal.

Celia. How well a woman knows to use
A rival, for the favours she would show
To him she loves the best. And you well know
Your cousin, now above, doth entertain
Your father at his supper, while you remain
Waiting Roselo Montes here!

Julia. Do I not love, and shall I not deceive?
Otavio should have tied my tongue, nor left
Me here to speak with this Roselo Montes.

Celia. Hush! I hear a footfall near.

Julia. Already had my heart drunk in The sound.

Celia. He must have mounted by some corded steps.

Julia. How, where could he have fix'd them?
Oh heavens! should he fall!

Celia. I fear me that already he hath fallen.

Julia. If he hath climb'd the wall;
'Tis very high.

Roselo (without). Wait thou beneath the wall.

Julia. Oh, had I but my will, brave Montes, now,
No need for envious ladder should there be.

Enter Roselo gaily dressed.

Roselo. Oh, sweetest lady! do mine eyes again
Behold thee? Dear Julia, let me gaze.

Julia. Thou shalt, and with such modesty
As I know well thou hast; 'tis more than mine.
Before thou speak'st thy flatt'ring words,
So apt to cheat a trusting woman's ears,
(For women, if discreet and strong,
Are yet but women after all;
And if they stay to listen, answer will
As women answer, press'd),
I would care first thou heard'st me say
That thou art known to me;
And all my grief is now for what thou art,
And that I fear I am to thee.
But stay! my judgment fails;
For should I curse Monteses' son
I curse Castelvin's daughter too.
When first thou didst entrap my wand'ring eye,
The sight was love,—for doth not all Verona
Full loudly sing Roselo Montes' praise?—
'Twas then I licence gave for words,
'Twas then I own'd myself thy slave;
But, since I know thy name and kin,
My love ebbs back, all chill'd at heart,
Fearing all ills, ay, even dark death's hand.
As gentle blood doth course thy veins,
I dare a favour crave: I do not[errata 1] ask
The ring I gave; I know I sought thy love;
Speak not.
When walking through this street, I pray,
Crouch thee beneath the wall,
So that the shadows hide thee from my sight.
Oh, how I tremble! Farewell, begone,
Leave me. My love it should be hate.

Roselo. I'll do thy bidding gladly, still
Oh, sweet enemy! sunlight of my soul!
Thou say'st thou hatest, Julia, love;
For me, I cannot hate, I could and will
Return thy ring, rescale these walls;
But not to speak, to say how much I love,
Is more than I dare promise now:
Love without danger loseth strength for strife.
Hear me, sweet Julia! darling! love!
Seeing those dear eyes, hearing that sweet voice,
I loved you, heeding not our kindred's hate,
And when I knew it, then methought
'Twere better then to cease to love,
But Love, most fruitful of expedients is,
Holding no ill without its antidote,
Whisper'd, thou canst not cease to love.
In secret if thou wilt; but love I must,
Oh Julia, mine own sweet Julia!

Julia. Call me not so oft by name,
I fear my heart will answer, not my tongue.
Thy loving words enchant my soul
And gladden night with sunshine;
But tell me, since thou will'st to speak,
How found this chance for words?
Why come, and thus persisting follow me?

Roselo. I'd have thee all mine own, sweet star,
In secret, if thou wilt: a close friendship
With a holy friar I have, and he, I know,
Will aid us; but should his conscience scruples hold,
I'll find some subtle means of cure.

Julia. My very soul doth tremble at thy words.

Roselo. What fears my dearest Julia?

Julia. More than a thousand ills.

Roselo. They are but fancied ills; once wed,
All rivalry would cease, all hatred should be dead.
Love beckons by this safe and secret road
To hold our houses free from hate,
And through our love shall smile everlasting peace.

Julia. Well did I say thou shouldst not speak;
But go, lest Otavio come, and find thee here;
He now in converse doth my father hold.
I know not why I live to love thee so.

Roselo. Say, sweet one, ere I go, what is thy resolve?

Julia. What can I say but this,
That I will go, will meet thee at the church?
And see thou the holy man be there prepared
In wedlock's blessed bonds to bind us;
For since I dared to listen to thy voice,
Like the serpent have I closed mine ears;
So now I close mine eyes as well.
Go, go, I hear approaching footfall!

Roselo. I go, sweet love, but stay not thou to hold
Much speech, and with Otavio.

Julia. Look that thou no promise dost forget.

Roselo. Nay, this I swear, forgetting such.
May heaven desert me at my need.

Julia. Swear not, for I have read
That ready swearers have
Scant credit with the world or God.

Roselo. What shall I say, sweet maid?

Julia. Say that I thy heart's desire am.

Roselo. They come, sweet girl! Farewell.

Julia. Carest thou to kiss mine hand?

Roselo. Yes; but much more, thy lips.

Julia. Nay, nay! away, my love, begone!

Marin (without.) Come, master, or I'm off, alone.[Exit Roselo.

  1. Original: now was amended to not