Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Albert Anton Von Muchar

From volume 10 of the work.

An historian, born at Linez, Tyrol, 22 Nov., 1781; died at Graz, Styria, 6 June, 1849. He was descended from the noble and ancient family of the Muchars of Bied and Rangfeld, studied at the lyceum in Graz, entered the Benedictine Order, and made his vows on 16 Oct., 1808, at Admont. Ordained a priest shortly afterwards, he devoted himself entirely to the study of the oriental languages, became librarian and keeper of the archives in 1813, and later on professor of Greek and Oriental languages at the theological school of his monastery. From 1823 to 1825 he was supplementary professor of Biblical science, becoming afterwards professor of æsthetics and classical philology at the University of Graz. Pure philological studies, however, did not suit his taste, and in this branch we possess from him only a somewhat mediocre edition of Horace with German translation, which appeared in 1835 at Graz. His researches dealt chiefly with the history of Austria, for which purpose he made extensive visits to the libraries of Austria, Bavaria, and Upper Italy; thus, nearly all his historical works are based upon careful examination of the original sources. In 1829 the Academy of Sciences in Vienna elected him a member in recognition of his important contributions to national history, and he was one of the founders of the Historical Society for Inner Austria. Of his more important works may be mentioned: "Das römische Norikum" (2 vols., Graz, 1825-6); "Geschichte des Herzogtums Steiermark" (Graz, 1845-74) in nine volumes, of which the first four were edited by himself, the following two by his colleagues, Prangner and von Gräfenstein, and the last three by the Historical Society of Styria. Beside this he wrote numerous excellent essays for historical periodicals, e. g. Hormayr's "Archiv", the "Steiermarkische Zeitschrift", and the "Archiv für Kunde österreichischer Geschichtsquellen" (in which he published his valuable "Urkundenregesten für die Geschichte Innerösterreichs vom Jahre 1312-1500" (Vienna, 1849). The library of Admont possesses in manuscripts some still more extensive works, which show Muchar's great diligence as a compiler.

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