Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Antonin Reginald

Reginald, Antonin, baptized Antoine Ravaille, theologian; b. at Albi in Languedoc, 1605; d. at Toulouse, April 12, 1676. He became a Dominican at Avignon in 1624. After a course of studies he was appointed professor of philosophy in the schools of his order (1632). During the years 1639-49 and 1671-76 he taught theology in the University of Toulouse. He took a prominent part in the discussions "De Auxiliis Gratiae" under Innocent X (Rome, 1652-53). From 1653-57 he was provincial of Occitania. Reginald was a zealous defender of the Thomistic doctrine of grace and wrote many works on that subject. His chief work, which was published after his death (Antwerp, 1706), is "De mente Concilii Tridentini circa gratiam seipsa efficacem". The more important of his other works are: "Opusculum de vero sensu composito et diviso" (Paris, 1638); "Qumstio. Quae fuerit mens Concilii Trid. circa gratiam efficacem et scientiam mediam" (Toulouse, 1644); "Dissertatio de Catechismi romani auctoritate" (Toulouse, 1648); the unfinished work "Doctrinae D. Thomas tria principia cum suis consequentiis" (Toulouse, 1670) and many unpublished lectures on the "Summa Theologica".

J. A. McHugh