Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Bernard of Luxemburg

Dominican theologian, controversialist, and Inquisitor of the Archdioceses of Cologne, Mainz, and Trier; born at Strassen near Cologne; died at Cologne, 5 October, 1535. He studied at the latter place where he entered the Order of Preachers, received the baccalaureate at Louvain, 1499, and was appointed Master of Students at Cologne, 1505, 1506. In 1507 he became Regent of Studies at Louvain; fellow of the college of Doctors at Cologne, in 1516; and served twice as Prior of Cologne. As the author of the "Catalogus haereticorum", he has been described as somewhat lacking in critical judgment; but he was otherwise a safe and indefatigable defender of the Faith against the heretics of his time. His important works are: "Catalogus haereticorum omnium", etc. (Erfurt, 1522; Cologne, 1523; Paris 1524); "Concilium generale malignantium", etc. (1528); "De ordinibus militaribus", etc. (Cologne, 1527).

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J. R. Volz.