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Sebenico, Diocese of (Sibinicensis), suffragan of Zara. Sebenico was the seat of a bishop before the establishment of a see. As the people could not get along with their bishop in Trau, they chose their own bishops until fifty years later the energetic Boniface VIII established the see and appointed as first bishop the Franciscan, Sisgorich. The building of the cathedral, which was not consecrated until a century later, was begun in 1443. The Dominican bishop, Vincenzo Arrigoni, did much for the see; he held seven synods between 1602-26. John Berzich attended the Vienna synod in 1849. Johann Zaffron was Pater concilii of the Vatican council. Despite the additions of Scardona (1813), parts of Trau and Tinin (1828), the bishopric Sebenico has but 93,000 Catholics with 54 priests, 83 friars in 7 stations, and 68 nuns in 4 stations.

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