Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Jean de La Haye (Jesuit Biblical scholar)

La Haye, Jean de, Jesuit Biblical scholar, b. at Bauffe, Hainault, September 26, 1540; ci. at Douai, January 14, 1614. The Jesuit catalogue of admission makes Douai his birthplace. The Belgian poet-historian, Philippe Brasseur, devotes five distichs to Father de La Haye in "Sydera Illustrium Hannoniae Scriptorum" (p. 135), and says the great scholar was born at Bauffe, and made his early studies at Chievres near by. De La Haye entered the novitiate of the Society of Jesus on February 13, 1565. After the usual training in the spiritual life, the classics, philosophy, and theology, he entered upon his life-work, and taught philosophy and Sacred Scripture at Louvain and Douai. The works of de La Haye that made his reputation as a Biblical scholar, are his Gospel harmony and commentaries. "Evangelistarum Quaternio" (Douai, 1607), is a harmony of the four Gospel narratives; the words of each Evangelist are retained and set in what the author deemed to be the historical order of the life of Christ. "Triumphus Veritatis Ordinati Evangelii Quadriga Invectae, Sanctorum Patrum Exercitu Stipatae" (2 vols., Douai, 1609) is a Gospel commentary quaintly entitled "the triumph of truth borne in upon the four-horsed chariot of the Gospel-harmony and backed up by the army of the Fathers". The array of citations from the Fathers is a veritable and a redoubtable array, which makes it regrettable that this rare old book has not been reissued. "Apparatus Evangelicus" (Douai, 1611) gives a scientific treatment of the moot questions in regard to the Four Gospels.

Walter Drum.