Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Josef Jungmann

Born 12 Nov., 1830, at Münster, Westphalia; died at Innsbruck, 25 Nov., 1885. In 1850 he entered the German College at Rome, and was ordained priest in 1855. He afterwards joined the Society of Jesus and as early as 1858, even before the expiration of his novitiate, was chosen to fill the chair of elocution in the re-established theological faculty at Innsbruck. Besides many articles in periodicals Jungmann published: "Fünf Sätze zur Erklärung und wissenschaftlichen Begründung der Andacht zum hl. Herzen Jesu und zum reinsten Herzen Mariæ" (Innsbruck, 1869); "Eine Litanei zum hl. Herzen Jesu aus der hl. Schrift" (2nd ed., ibid., 1871); "Gefahren belletristischer Lektüre" (ibid., 1872); "Zur Verehrung U. L. Frau" (2nd ed., ibid., 1879); "Das Gemüt und das Gefühlsvermögen der neueren Psychologie" (2nd ed., ibid., 1885); "Die Andacht zum hl. Herzen Jesu und die Bedenken gegen dieselbe" (2nd ed., ibid., 1885); "Theorie der geistlichen Beredskamkeit" (2 vols., 3rd ed., Innsbruck, 1886); "Aesthetik" (2 vols., 3rd ed., 1886). A third edition of his" Beredsamkeit" was published by his colleague, Michael Gatterer, who also edited a fourth and much abbreviated edition. Jungmann had a wonderful influence over his students. Speaking of him, one of them writes: "I do not know what it was that always charmed the other students so much, but, for myself, I felt irresistibly drawn to him on account of his high sentiments and character, founded on deeply rooted principles, influenced by such alone, and therefore immovable. These sentiments distinguished him at every turn - in his studies, in his social intercourse, in his daily avocations, and in his religious exercises."

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Karl Klaar.