Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Jubilate Sunday

The third Sunday after Easter, being so named from the first word of the Introit at Mass-"Jubilate Deo omnis terra" (ps. Ixv). In the liturgy for this and the two following Sundays, the Church continues her song of rejoicing in the Resurrection. Throughout the whole of Paschaltide both Office and Mass are expressive of Easter joy, Alleluia being added to every antiphon, responsory, and versicle, and repeated several times in the Introits and other parts of the Mass. The Introit for this day is an invitation to universal joy; the Epistle exhorts all, especially penitents and the newly baptized, to obey loyally the powers that be and to show themselves worthy disciples of the Risen Christ; and the Gospel gives similar advice, encouraging us to bear patiently the trials of this life in view of the heavenly joys that are to come hereafter.

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