Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Prefecture Apostolic of Belgian Ubanghi

From volume 15 of the work.

In Belgian Congo, separated on 7 April, 1911, from the Vicariate of the Belgian Congo and entrusted to the Capuchins. Its boundaries are: west and north, the river Ubanghi from 1° 30' N. lat. to the meeting of the Mbomu and the Uelle at Yakoma; east, a line drawn from that point towards the junction of the Itimbri (Rubi) and the Congo, as far as the southern limits of the village of Abumombasi; south, the parallel passing through Abumombasi, then the watersheds of the Ubanghi and the Congo, and of the Ubanghi and the Ngiri to 1° 30' N. Lat., and thence to the Ubanghi. R.P. Fulgence de Gérard-Montes was appointed first prefect Apostolic 11 July 1911.

A. A. MacErlean.