Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Ven. Anthony Page

English martyr, born at Harrow-on-the-Hill, Middlesex, 1571; died at York, 20 or 30 April, 1593. He was of gentle birth and matriculated at Oxford from Christ Church, 23 November, 1581, being described as "scholaris Mri-Wodson". He entered the English College, Reims, 30 September, 1584, and received minor orders, April, 1585. He was ordained deacon at Laon, 22 September, 1590, and priest at Reims, 21 September, 1591. Dr. Anthony Champney, who was his contemporary at Reims, in his manuscript (q.v.) history of the reign of Elizabeth, as quoted by Bishop Challoner, describes him, as being of wonderful meekness, of a virginal modesty and purity, and of more than common learning and piety, and as having endeared himself to all by his singular candour of mind and sweetness of behaviour. He was condemned for being a priest, under 27 Eliz., c. 2., and was hanged, disembowelled, and quartered.

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John B. Wainewright.