Catholic Hymns (1860)/Divine Grace

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Divine Grace.

O Jesu, my beloved King,
I give all thanks to Thee,
Who by Thy cross hast merited
Celestial grace for me.

In Adam rais'd to dignities
Transcendent and divine;
In Adam fallen from the bliss
That once in him was mine.—

That grace to which my native strength,
Could never have attain'd,
That grace, O my Incarnate God,
In Thee I have regain'd.

O gift of love! O gift immense!
Surpassing nature's law;
What force to will and to perform
From this pure fount I draw.

By this how many passing acts,
Which else had been in vain,
Endued with meritorious power,
A prize eternal gain!

By this to me is open'd wide,
Through death's inviting door,
A brighter world, a nobler realm
Than Adam lest of yore.

O Jesu! on whose grace alone
I by Thy grace depend,
Grant me the grace to persevere
In grace unto the end.