Catholic Hymns (1860)/Easter Hymn (II.)

For other English-language translations of this work, see O filii et filiae.
For other versions of this translation, see Ye sons and daughters of the Lord.

Easter Hymn.
O filii et filiæ.

Ye sons and daughters of the Lord!
The King of glory, King ador'd,
This day Himself from death restor'd.

All in the early morning grey
Went holy women on their way,
To see the tomb where Jesus lay.

Of spices pure a precious store
In their pure hands those women bore,
To anoint the sacred Body o'er.

Then straightway one in white they see,
Who saith, "The Lord is ris'n, and He
Precedes you into Galilee."

This told they Peter, told they John,
Who forthwith to the tomb are gone,
But Peter is by John outrun.

That selfsame night, while out of fear
The doors were shut, their Lord most dear
To His Apostles did appear.

But Thomas, when of this he heard,
Was doubtful of his brethren's word;
Wherefore again there comes the Lord.

"Thomas, behold my side," saith He;
"My hands, my feet, my body see,
And doubt not, but believe in me."

When Thomas saw that wounded side,
The truth no longer he denied;
"Thou art my Lord and God!" he cried.

Oh blest are they who have not seen
Their Lord, and yet believe in him!
Eternal life awaiteth them.

Now let us praise the Lord most high,
And strive His name to magnify
On this great day through earth and sky,

Whose mercy ever runneth o'er;
Whom men and angel hosts adore;
To Him be glory evermore.