Catholic Hymns (1860)/Hymn for Good Friday

For other versions of this work, see O'erwhelmed in depths of woe.

Hymn for Good Friday.

O'erwhelm'd in depths of woe,
With racking anguish torn,
Behold the Saviour of mankind
Upon the tree of scorn.
See how the nails those hands
And feet so tender rend;
See down His face and neck and breast
His sacred blood descend.

Hark with what awful cry
He yields His parting breath!
That cry it steeps His mother's soul
As in a swoon of death.
The sun withdraws his beam,
The mid-day heav'ns grow pale,
The moon, the stars, the universe,
Their Maker's death bewail.

Shall man alone be mute,
Amidst adoring spheres?
Come, old and young, come, rich and poor,
And bathe those feet in tears
Come kneel before His Cross,
Who shed for us His blood;
Who died the victim of pure love,
To make us sons of God.