Century Magazine/Volume 48/Issue 1/Love and May-Time

Love, gentle Love, I am weary of waiting!
     Why hast thou lingered so long on the way?
Birds 'mid the boskage are wooing and mating:
                    It is May!

Cold was the Winter, with snow-plumy pinions,
     Holding our hearts in his insolent sway;
Now he is gone to his icy dominions:
                    It is May!

Brooks down the hillsides are leaping and singing,
     What makes their laughter so rollicking gay?
Why are the hedges with merriment ringing?
                    It is May.

Love, gentle Love, I would welcome thee gladly,
     Yet far aloof from my roof dost thou stray;
I cannot sing, for my song would fall sadly:
                    It is May!

Love, gentle Love, bring me joy without measure!
     Make me thy debtor this jubilant day;
Here is my heart in exchange for thy treasure:
               It is May! It is May!

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