Charity Never Faileth

Charity Never Faileth  (1857) 
by Lydia Sigourney

The Ladies' repository: a monthly periodical, devoted to literature, arts, and religion. June 1855. Page 363.

THE sparkling eye that ruled the heart
      Hath lost its magic beam,
And in the socket, heavily,
      Like warning lamp doth gleam.

The wearied ear remits its toil,
      Rejects the music-strain,
And with the folly of the world
      No longer loads the brain.

The hand that with untiring deeds
      Did mark the days of old,
Now trembleth in its feeble grasp
      The water-cup to hold.

The foot no more o'er hill and dale
      Doth keep its vigorous way,
But on the cushioned sofa rests,
      A prisoner day by day.

Even Memory, with a wrinkled brow,
      Is faltering o'er the page,
On which she registered her gains
      From infancy to age.

And Fancy faileth in her skill
      O'er fairy-land to soar,
And sadly folds a broken wing
      To ride the blast no more.

But the sweet spirit's love to man,
      In God its fearless trust,
Its zeal to keep a Savior's law
      These fade not into dust

These perish not with time-but grow,
      Like beaten gold, more bright,
The deathless children of the skies
      That heavenward take their flight.

This work was published before January 1, 1926, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.