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     Another Yle is there toward the Northe, in the See Occean,
     where that ben fulle cruele and ful evele Wommen of Nature:
     and thei han precious Stones in hire Eyen; and their ben of
     that kynde, that zif they beholden ony man, thei slen him anon
     with the beholdynge, as dothe the Basilisk.

          Maundevile's Voiage and Travaile, Ch. xxviii.


I dedicate this play,
as a partial expression of reverence
and gratitude,
to the chief of living poets;
to the first dramatist of his age;
to the greatest exile, and therefore
to the greatest man of France;
Victor Hugo.


  • Mary Stuart
  • Mary Beaton
  • Mary Seyton
  • Mary Carmichael
  • Mary Hamilton
  • Pierre de Boscosel de Chastelard
  • Darnley
  • Murray
  • Randolph
  • Morton
  • Lindsay
  • Father Black
  • Guards, Burgesses, a Preacher, Citizens, etc.