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[ 407 ]

XX. Proverbs.

Proverbe of Chaucer.


What shul thise clothes many-fold,
Lo! this hote somers day?—
After greet heet cometh cold;
No man caste his pilche away.


Of al this world the wyde compas       5
Hit wol not in myn armes tweyne.—
Who-so mochel wol embrace
Litel therof he shal distreyne.

The MSS. are: F. (Fairfax 16); Ha. (Harl. 7578); Ad. (Addit. 16165). I follow F. mainly. Title; in F. Ha.; Ad. Prouerbe.

1. Ad. þees; F. Ha. these. All needlessly insert thus after clothes</f>. F. many-folde. 2. F. Loo; hoote. 3. F. grete hete; Ha. greet hete; Ad. heet. F. colde. 4. Ha. pilche; F. pilch. 5. F. all; worlde. Ad. wyde; F. Ha. large. Ad. Ha. compas; F. compace. 6. Ad. Hit; F. Yt. Ad. wol; F. Ha. wil. Ad. myn; F. Ha. my. 7. F. Whoo-so.