2676432Cheskian Anthology1832John Bowring

Žofie Jandowa.

SOPHIA JANDOWA. Of this lady I have been able to obtain no other particulars than that she is the daughter of a bohemian schoolmaster, and is married in Moravia. She has published only two or three pieces of poetry, which I have found in the periodicals.

The Awakened Maid.

W modrosseru hwězdy zapadagi.

The stars in heaven's gray azure disappear—

The morning-lingerer shakes his trembling beams—

All, all is silent—all,but chanticleer;

And I am rous'd from solitary dreams.

Upon the flowers is hung the sparkling dew—

I look abroad—the passing and the past

Hours of existence I retrace anew,

And waft deep sighs across the barren waste.

Some gloomy fate o'ershades me—heaviness

Weighs down my heart, and sorrow flows in tears,

And fear outpours its vials of distress—

And yet I know no cause of guilt—or fears.

I have no concience-smitings; but I see

Where'er I turn, the selfsame piercing eye—

Once, only once I looked on steadily,

Then turn'd me from the shade that flitted by.

Come golden dream—come cradle in thy arms.

My overburden'd heart, and kindly keep

My soul from all these makings—these alarms;

Come golden dream—come tranquillizing sleep.

"O go not back, sweet maid! for many a night—

Yes! many a night these dreams shall visit thee!

Shapes round thy windows flit at morning light—

Give him thy sighs—and love thy prize shall be."