2676447Cheskian Anthology1832John Bowring

Fr. Turínsky,

Born 1796.

TURINSKY was born in 1796. He is a lawyer (advokat) in Moravia. His best known work is his Angelina, a tragedy, which has been translated into german.

The Maiden by the Stream.

Pere děwa u poloka.

The maiden in the flowing stream

Dry hemp doth lay;

Her tears are falling in the stream

From those blue eyes so bright, that beam

The live-long day.

"Say maiden! what disturbs thy peace

The livelong day?"

"Deep wounds have stabb'd my spirit's peace,

And nought shall bid its misery cease

But life's decay."

"And didst thou see a horrid dream

With pale affright?"

"O no! it was no frightful dream—

It was a shadow on the stream,

But not of night.

"It wore a wreath upon its head,

And took its flight;

Borne on the rapid stream it fled

With the green wreath upon its head—

My hopes to spite."

The maiden in the flowing stream,

Dry hemp doth lay;

Her tears are falling in the stream,

Her blue eyes paled with life's last gleam

That flits away.


T. C. Hansard, Printer,