Chinese Without a Teacher (1922)/The Housewife


Light the lamp 點燈 Te-enn tung.
Call the cook 呌廚子來 Cheeow ch‘oodza li.
I want to take the accounts now 現在要算賬 Shendzi yow sooahn jahng.
Your bill is all right 你的賬目不錯 Neety jahngmoo poo ts‘aw.
I'll pay you to-morrow 我明天給你錢 Waw mingt'e-enn kay nee ch'e-enn.
I shall have a dinner party to-morrow night 明天晚上要請客 Mingt'e-enn wahn-shahng yow ch'ing k'aw.
Roast a leg of mutton 烤一個羊腿 K'owyeekayahng-t'ooey.
Boil a piece of salt beef 煮一塊鹹牛肉 Joo yee k'wise-enn newro.
Is there any fish to be got ? 有魚肉沒有 Yo yü-ro mayo?
I want four kinds of sweets 要四樣兒點心 Yow sir yahnger te-en-shee.
Roast two pheasants 烤两個野鷄 K'ow layanga yay-chee.
I don't want any ducks 不要鴨子 Poo yow yahdza.
These eggs are bad 這個雞子兒不好 Chayka cheedzer poo how.
Buy a bottle of milk 買一瓶奶子 Mi yee p'ing ni-dza.
Fry several pieces of bread 𭳿幾塊麵包 Juh chee k'wi me-enpow.
Don't use pork-fat for frying them; use beef-fat 不要拿豬油𭳿拿牛油𭳿 Paw yow nahjoo-yo jah; nah new-yo jah.
To-day I want hare soup 今天要野貓湯 Chint'e-enn yow yay-mow t'ahng.
Tell the cook to make chicken broth 呌廚子做雞湯 Cheeow ch'oodza-dzo chee t'ahng.
Is it ready? 得咯沒有 Tawla mayo?
This cook is not a good one 這個廚子不好 Chayka ch'oodza poohow.
The coolie is also very lazy 苦力也狠懶惰 K'oolee yay hun lahntaw.
Where's the amah? 老媽在那兒 Low-mar dzinar!
I want my hair done now 現在要梳頭 Shendzi yow shoo t'o.
These clothes must be washed 這個衣裳要洗一洗 Chayka eeshahng yow shee-e-shee.
Don't put any soda in the water 水裏不要擱鹻 Shooey-lee poo yow kaw je-enn.
Has the washerman come? 洗衣裳的來了沒有 Shee eeshahngty li-la mayo?
How many pieces are there this month? 這個月有多少件衣裳 Chayka yüng yo tawshow je-enn eeshang?
Every hundred pieces $3.00 每一百件三塊錢 May yee pi je-enn, sahn-k'wi-ch'e-enn.
He hasn't washed this one clean 這個他沒洗乾淨 Chayka, t'ah may shee kahn-ching.
I must fine him a dollar 我要刨他一塊錢 Waw yow p'ow t'ah yee-k'wi-ch'e-enn.
Here are your wages 這是你的工錢 Chaw shirt neety koong-ch'e-enn.
Get me a tailor 找一個裁縫 Chow yeeka ts'i- fung.
Tell the coolie to clean up the room 呌苦力拾得屋子 Cheeow k'oolee shirttawwoodza.
You must wash the floor 地板要洗一洗 Tee-pahn yow shee-e-shee.
You must rub the table 桌子要擦一擦 Chawdza yow ts'ah-e-ts'ah.
Bring a feather-brush 拿担子來 Nah tahndza li.
Now I want to put up the stove 現在要打爐子 Shendzi yow tah loodza.
You must first brush it 先要刷一刷 Shen yow shwah-e-shwah.
Have you any black-lead ? 有黑麵沒有 Yo hay me-enn mayo?
This brush won't do 這個刷子不行 Chayka shwah-dza poo shing.
The chimney is stopped up 烟桶子堵住咯 Yent'oongdza too-choola.
There must be soot in it 裡頭必有烟煤子 Leet'oepe yo yen-maydza.
We must think of some way to clean it 得想法子拾得 Tay sheeahngfah-dza shirttaw.
This stove smokes 這個爐子冒烟 Chayky loodza mow yen.
Buy a picul of Chinese coal 呌一担本地煤 Cheeow yee tahn pun-tee may.
Also 30 catties of charcoal 還要三十斤煤 Hi yow shanshirt-cheen t'ahn.
Have you bought the fire-wood? 你買咯劈柴沒有 Nee mi-la p'ee-ch'i mayo?
I want this put in the ice-box 這個要下在冰箱子裏 Chayka yow seeahdzi ping-sheeang dza-lee.
Tell the cook to make a bowl of arrowroot 呌廚子冲一碗藕粉 Cheeow ch'oodza ch'oong yee wahn o-fun.
Thicker than he made it yester-day 比昨天要稠 Pee dzaw-t'e-enn yow ch'o.
Bring some boiling water 拿開水來 Nah k'i shooey li.
Warm water won't do; I want it boiling 溫和水不行要熱水 Wunhaw shooey pu shing; yow raw shooey.
I am not very well to-day 今天我不舒服 Chint'e-enn waw poo shoo-foo.
What's the matter ? 怎麼樣 Dzummo-yahng?
I've got fever and ague 我發瘧子 Wawfah-yowdza.
I'll give you a dose of medicine 我給你一服藥 Waw kay nee yee foo yaw.
I want to buy a pound of camphor 我買一斤樟腦 Yow mi yee-cheen ch'ow-now.
Take this out and shake it (of clothes) 拿外頭抖落抖落 Nah wi-t'o, tolo tolo.
Brush these shoes 把這個鞋刷一刷 Pah chayka seeay, shwah-e-shwah.
Take this and spread it on the top (of blankets, etc.) 把這個鋪在上頭 Pah chayka p'oodzi shahng-to.
Tuck this in under 把這個壓在低下 Pah chayka yahdzi teeseeah.
I don't want to wear that hat to-day 今天不要戴這個帽子 Chint'e-enn poo yow ti nahka mowdza.
Is my apron made yet? 我的裙做完了沒有 Wawty waych'ün dzaw wahnla mayo?
Mend these stockings 縫這個襪子 Fung chayka wahdza.
Tell the amah to get up 叫老媽起來 Cheeow lowmar ch'ee-li.
Why are you so late ? 你為甚麼這麼晚 Nee way shummo chummo wahn?
Don't you go to sleep 你別睡覺 Nee peeay shooey-cheeow.
There's no one to carry the baby 沒人抱孩子 May ren pow hi-dza.
Where have you been ? 你打那兒回來 Nee tah nar hooeyli?
Don't chew betel-nut 你別吃檳榔 Nee peeay ch'irp pinglahng.
Fetch my gloves 拿我的手套兒來 Nah wawty sho-t'owr li.
They are in the drawer 在抽屉裏頭 Dzi ch'o-t'ee lee-t'o.
Is the cupboard (or wardrobe) locked? 櫃子鎖咯沒有 Kweydza sawla mayo?
I am going out 我要出門 Waw yow ch'oo mun.
You look after the house 你看守門戶 Nee k'ahn-sho munhoo.
Bring the small looking-glass 拿小鏡子來 Nah sheeow jingaza li.
Bring the wash-hand basin 拿臉盆來 Nah layenn-p'un li.
Pour this water out 把這個水倒咯 Pah chayka shooey towla.
Your shoes are down at heel 你的鞋趿拉着 Neety seeay sahlahja.
It's not proper (respectful) 不是様子 Poo shirt yahngdza.
You haven't brushed your hair to-day 今天你沒梳頭 Chint'e-enn nee may shoo t'o.
Why are you so idle? 你為甚麼這麼懶惰 Nee way shummo chummo lahntaw?
Look out for another situation 你找一個別的事 Nee chow yeeka peeayty shirt.
Come again at the end of the month 月低再來 Yüay tee dzi li.
I want this mattress covered (with new stuff) 這個褥子要墁上 Chaykaroodza yow mahn-shahng.
Open this bundle 這個包服要打開 Chayka powfoo yow tahk'i.
Bring a flat-iron 拿烙鐵來 Nah lowt'eeay li.
I want to iron the creases out of the clothes 衣裳摺兒要熅開 Eeshahng-chawr yow yünk'i.
Tell the tailor to make a mosquito-curtain 叫裁縫做一個蚊帳 Cheeow ts'i-fung dzaw yeeka wun-jahng.
These sheets haven't been washed clean 這個被單沒洗乾淨 Chayka pay-tahn may shee kahn ching.
Put this in hot water to soak 把這個擱在熱水裏發開 Pah chayka kaw-dzi raw shooey-lee fahk'i.
Bring me a pillow 拿枕頭來 Nah chunt'o li.
Where's the cushion? 椅墊子在那兒 E-te-endza dzi nar?
Put this on the book-case 擱在書架子上 Kawdzi shooche-eahdzashahng.
Don't leave the house 你別出門 Nee peeay ch'oo mun.
Take care or be careful 小心 Sheeow sheen.