Chinese Without a Teacher (1922)/The Sailor


This is a steamer 這個是輪船 Chayka shirt loon ch'wahn.
That is a sailing vessel 那個是𦩑板船 Nahka shirt cheeahpahn ch'wahn.
Is this a screw or a paddle steamer? 這個船是暗輪是明輪 Chayka ch'wahn shirt ahn-loon, shirt ming loon?
Steamers don't need sails 輪船不用打 Loon ch'wahn poo yoong tah p'ung.
Where is the steersman 舵工在那兒 Taw-koong pzi nar?
He's in the hold or down below 在艙裏頭 Dzi ts'ahng-leet'o.
How much coal do you burn in a day? 一天要燒多少煤 Yee t'e-enn show taw-show may?
We go 10 knots an hour 一點鐘走三十里 Yee t'e-enn joong dzo sahnshirt lee.
That's not very fast 不算狠快 Poo swahn hun k'wi.
The steamer's aground 輪船淺住了 Loon ch'wahn ch'e-enn-joola.
That doesn't matter 不要緊 Poo yow cheen.
Is it flood-tide or ebb-tide now ? 現在是漲潮是落潮 Shendzisirt chahng-ch'ow shirt low-ch'ow?
Where's the bar ? 攔江沙在那兒 Lahn-cheeang-shah dzi nar?
This ship has three masts 這個船有三枚桅杆 Chayka ch'wahn yo sahn chirp waykahn.
Chinese junks are clumsy things 中國船笨 Choongkwo ch'wahn pun.
Foreign ships are made of iron 外國船是鐵做的 Wi-kwo ch'wahn shirt t'eeay dzawty.
There are ships both of iron and wood 有鐵做的有木頭的 Yo t'eeay dzawty yo moot-o dzawty.
What's this? 這個是甚麼 Chayka shirt shummo?
This is the compass 這個是定南針 Chayka shirt ting-nahn-chun.
The saloon is here 客艙在這兒 K'aw-ts'ahng dzi cher.
Don't you find it clean ? 乾淨不乾淨 Kahnching poo kahn-ching.
Are you sea-sick ? 暈船不暈船 Yün-ch'wahn poo yün-ch'wahn?
We shall get into port to-morrow 明天進口 Mingt'e-enn cheen k'o.
Have you had chow-chow ? 吃了飯沒有 Ch'irpla-fahn mayo?
This telescope is mine 這個千里眼是我的 Chayka ch'e-en-leeyenn shirt wawty.
This is a thermometer 這個是寒暑表 Chayka shirt ha-hushoo-peeow.
I want to get this line out 這個繩子要拋開 Chayka shung dza yow p'ow-k'i.
Don't let go the anchor 不要下錨 Poo yow seeah mow.
Make fast! 繞住 Row choo!
Let go ! 鬆 or 鬆手 Soong or soong sho!
These bends are not easy to go round 這個河灣不好轉 Chayka haw-wahn poo how chooahn.
There's a junk in the middle of the river 當河有一個中國船 Tahng-haw yo yeeka chaoong-kwo-ch'wahn.