Code of Federal Regulations/Title 32

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Title 32 — National Defense

Title Volume Chapter Parts Regulatory Entity Online
as of
 Title 32
 National Defense

 Revised July 1, 2008
Subtitle A − Department of Defense
1-190  Office of the Secretary of Defense 10/21/08
II  191-399  Office of the Secretary of Defense 10/15/08
V  400-629  Department of the Army 10/25/08
630-699  Department of the Army 8/18/08
VI  700-799  Department of the Navy 8/22/08
VII  800-1099  Department of the Air Force 8/20/08
Subtitle B − Other Regulations Relating to National Defense
XII  1200-1299  Defense Logistics Agency 8/20/08
XVI  1600-1699  Selective Service System
XIX  1900-2007  Central Intelligence Agency
XX  2007-2099  Information Security Oversight Office,
 National Archives and Records Administration
XXI  2100-2199  National Security Council
XXIV  2400-2499  Office of Science and Technology Policy
XXVII  2700-2799  Office for Micronesian Status Negotiations
XXVIII  2800-2899  Office of the Vice President of the United States
XXIX  2900  Presidential Commission on the
 Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces

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