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ALAMO, THE, a mission church at San Antonio, in what is now Bexar co., Tex.; converted into a fort. In 1836 it was occupied by about 150 of the revolutionists in the Texan War of Independence. Though attacked by 4,000 Mexicans under Santa Ana, the Texans held it from Feb. 23 to March 6, when Santa Ana took it by storm. All but seven of the garrison perished, six of these being murdered after their surrender, and one man escaping to report the affair. In this garrison were the celebrated David Crockett and Col. James Bowie, inventor of the bowie-knife. The memory of this massacre became an incitement to the Texans in subsequent encounters, and “Remember the Alamo!” became a war-cry in their struggle for autonomy.

Collier's 1921 Alamo.jpg