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Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)/Browning, Elizabeth Barrett

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BROWNING, ELIZABETH BARRETT, an English poet, born in Durham, March 6, 1809. In September, 1846, she married Robert Browning. Her chief poems are “The Seraphim” (1838); “Romaunt of the Page” (1839); “The Drama of Exile” (1844); “A Vision of Poets” (1844); “The Cry of the Children” (1844); “Casa Guidi Windows” (1851); “Aurora Leigh” (1856). Her “Sonnets from the Portuguese” are among the noblest of love poems. The “Romance of the Swan's Nest,” the “Rhyme of the Duchess May,” the “Romaunt of Margret,” “Bertha in the Lane,” and “Isabel's Child,” are romantic and original ballads. “Prometheus Bound,” a metrical translation of Æschylus, was published in 1850. She died in Florence, June 30, 1861.

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