Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)/Frankfort (Kentucky)

FRANKFORT, a city, capital of the State of Kentucky, and county-seat of Franklin co.; on the Kentucky river, and on the Chesapeake and Ohio, and the Louisville and Nashville railroads; 65 miles E. of Louisville. The city is built on a high plain and is regularly laid out. Here are the capitol, court house, governor's residence, the Kentucky Military Institute, the State Home for Feeble-Minded Children, State Colored Normal School, penitentiary, Young Men's Public Library, Odd Fellows' Hall, King's Daughters' Hospital, street railroad and electric light plants, waterworks, several banks, and a number of daily and weekly newspapers. It has manufactories of brooms, shoes, furniture, lumber, flour, twine, carriages. On one of the hills in the vicinity of the city is a cemetery where lie the remains of Daniel Boone, several governors, and other prominent persons of the State. Pop. (1910) 10,465; (1920) 9,805.