Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)/Gosse, Edmund

GOSSE, EDMUND, an English author; son of Philip Henry Gosse; born in London, Sept. 21, 1849. As a poet he is known by “Madrigals, Songs, and Sonnets”; “On Viol and Flute”; “The Unknown Lover.” From 1904-1914 Librarian of the House of Lords. Some of his criticisms and biographies are contained in “Seventeenth Century Studies” and “From Shakespeare to Pope.” He wrote also in prose “Northern Studies” (1879); “Gossip in a Library” (1891); “Questions at Issue” (1893); “History of Modern English Literature” (1897); “Life and Letters of Dr. John Donne” (1899); “Coventry Patmore” (1905); “Father and Son” (1907); “Portraits and Studies” (1912); “Collected Poems” (1913).

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