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Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)/Hoffmann, August Heinrich

HOFFMANN, AUGUST HEINRICH (hof'män), commonly called Hoffmann von Fallersleben, a German philologist; born in Fallersleben, Lüneburg, April 2, 1798. He was destined for theology, but devoted himself to philological studies. In 1830 he was appointed Professor of German Literature, but the publication of his “Unpolitical Songs” (1840-1841), in spite of their innocent title, led to his dismissal. For several years afterward he wandered through Europe till restored to favor in 1848. His own “Poems” (1834); “German Street Songs” (1843); “Soldier Songs” (1851-1852); etc., are characterized by genuine simplicity and pathos; and his other publications — “Belgian Hours” (1830-1852); “Foundations for the History of the German Language and Literature” (1830-1837); “History of German Church Hymn” (1832), are of great philological value. He died Jan. 19, 1874.