Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)/Jacks, Lawrence Pearsall

JACKS, LAWRENCE PEARSALL, an English writer and theologian; born in Nottingham in 1860. He was educated at the University School at that city, at the University of London and foreign universities, and Harvard. In 1887 he entered the Unitarian ministry, and was for a time assistant to Stopford A. Brooke. In 1903 he became professor of philosophy in Manchester College, and was editor of the “Hibbert Journal” in 1902. He contributed many brilliant essays and studies to magazines. During the war he performed important services in connection with work carried on at Oxford. His published writings include: “Mad Shepherds and Other Human Studies” (1910); “Among the Idol-makers” (1911); “All Men Are Ghosts” (1913).

Source: “Jacks, Lawrence Pearsall,” Collier's New Encyclopedia, V (New York: P.F. Collier & Son Company, 1921), p. 220.