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Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)/Körner, Karl Theodor

KÖRNER, KARL THEODOR (kur'ner), a German poet; born in Dresden, Sept. 23, 1791. After irregular studies at Freiberg, Leipsic, and Berlin, young Körner was appointed dramatist to a Vienna theater; for it he wrote some light comedies. The uprising of the German nation against Napoleon inspired Körner with patriotic ardor. He displayed heroic personal courage in many fights and encouraged his comrades by fiery patriotic songs.

These published in 1814 under the title of “Lyre and Sword,” are regarded by the Germans with a kind of sacred admiration. The most famous of these pieces is the “Sword Song,” composed in a pause of battle, and only a few hours before the author fell, Aug. 26, 1813.