Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)/Lansing

LANSING, a city, capital of the State of Michigan, and county-seat of Ingham co., on the Grand River and on the Grand Trunk, Lake Shore and Michigan Southern and several other railroads, 85 miles N. W. of Detroit. It is the farming trade center for the surrounding region, and is engaged in the manufacture of agricultural implements, flour, stoves, machinery, carriages, wagons, trunks, wheelbarrows, artificial stone and knit goods. It contains the State Capitol; State Hospital; State Library; United States government buildings; State School for the Blind; and the State Industrial School; and has electric light and street railroad plants; waterworks supplied from wells; abundant water power from the river; which is spanned by several bridges; National and State banks; about 20 churches; daily, weekly, and monthly periodicals. Pop. (1910) 31,229; (1920) 57,327.