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Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)/Lewiston (Me.)

LEWISTON, a city in Androscoggin co., Me., on the Androscoggin river and the Grand Trunk and the Maine Central railroads, 34 miles N. of Portland. The river is spanned by several bridges. The city is the trade center for an extensive farming region. Manufactures cotton and woolen goods, boots and shoes, files, trunks, ticking, burlap, furniture and brick. It is the seat of Bates College and Cobb Divinity School; has public library, city park, electric light and street railroad plants, waterworks supplied from the river, National and savings banks, daily, weekly and monthly periodicals. Lewiston was founded in 1770; incorporated in 1795, and chartered as a city in 1861, but the city government was not organized till 1863. Pop. (1910) 26,247; (1920) 31,791.