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Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)/Niagara Falls (city)

NIAGARA FALLS, a city in Niagara co., N. Y.; on the Niagara river, and on the Michigan Central, the Erie, the Lehigh Valley, the Grand Trunk, the New York Central and Hudson River and other railroads; 20 miles N. of Buffalo. Here are De Veaux College (P. E.), Niagara University (R. C.), a business college, several hospitals, excellent schools, Carnegie library, electric lights, electric street railroads, several National and State banks, and a number of daily and weekly newspapers. It contains flour and paper mills, a bicycle factory, planing mills, carbide and carborundum works, electrochemical and electrometallurgical works and several engineering plants operated by the power of the falls for manufacturing. The city has in recent years increased greatly in industrial importance. The income of its trade is about $50,000,000 per year. The city has a continual flow of visitors who are attracted thither by the Niagara Falls, and Whirlpool Rapids, about two miles below the falls. Niagara Falls was chartered in 1892 from the former villages of Niagara Falls and Suspension Bridge. Pop. (1910) 30,445; (1920) 50,760.