Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)/Pennell, Mrs. Elizabeth (Robins)

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Pennell, Mrs. Elizabeth (Robins)

PENNELL, MRS. ELIZABETH (ROBINS), an American writer, wife of Joseph. For many years she resided in London, and traveled extensively in Europe. Besides contributions to the "Atlantic," the "Century," and other magazines, she published numerous books, illustrated by her husband, and in some cases written in collaboration with him, the best known being: "A Canterbury Pilgrimage" (1885); "Two Pilgrims' Progress" (1886); "Our Journey to the Hebrides" (1889); "Play in Provence" (1891); "To Gipsyland" (1892); "Feasts of Autolycus" (1896); "Our Philadelphia" (1914); "The Lovers" (1917).