Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)/Russell, William Clark

RUSSELL, WILLIAM CLARK, an English novelist; born (of English parentage) in New York City, Feb. 24, 1844. He spent much of his early life at sea, and afterward settled at Ramsgate, England. He published a great number of sea stories and novels, among which are: “The Wreck of the Grosvenor” (1878); “A Sailor's Sweetheart” (1880); “My Watch Below” (1883); “A Sea Queen” (1883); “The Frozen Pirate” (1887); “Marooned” (1889); “The Romance of Jenny Harlowe” (1889); and “The Good Ship Mohock” (1895); “List Ye Landsmen,” “The Two Captains,” and “Nelson” (1897); “The Romance of a Midshipman” (1898); “The Ship's Adventure” (1899); “His Island Princess” (1905). He died in 1911.