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Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)/Tupper, Sir Charles

TUPPER, SIR CHARLES, a Canadian statesman; born in Amherst, Nova Scotia, July 2, 1821; studied medicine in Edinburgh University and practiced his profession in his native town. He was president of the Canadian Medical Association, 1867-1870. In 1855 he was made a member of the provincial legislature and was prime minister of Nova Scotia in 1864-1867. He warmly advocated the formation of the Dominion of Canada, which took place in 1867, and became a member of Sir John A. Macdonald's cabinet in 1870; became minister of public works in 1878; and in 1879-1884 was minister of railways and canals. While filling the latter office he promoted the construction of the great Canadian Pacific railway. In 1884 he was appointed High Commissioner for Canada in London. He was one of the negotiators of the fisheries treaty with the United States in 1887-1888, and was created a baronet in the latter year for his services in that matter. In 1895 he represented Canada at the International Railway Conference in London. He died in 1915.