Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)/Vos, Bert John

VOS, BERT JOHN, a Dutch-American educator; born in Katwykaan Zee, Holland, Oct. 27, 1867; was educated in his native land, and graduated at the University of Michigan in 1888. He studied at Johns Hopkins University in 1888-1891 and at the University of Leipsic in 1891-1892; was instructor of German at the University of Chicago in 1892-1893; associate instructor of the same at Johns Hopkins University in 1893-1898, and associate professor from 1898-1908. In the latter year he became professor of German at Indiana University. He was the author of “Materials for German Conversation” (1900); “Monographs on Middle High German Style and Rhyme Technic”; etc. He also translated from the German “Religion of the Ancient Teutons” (1901).