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Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)/White, Richard Grant

WHITE, RICHARD GRANT, an American Shakespearean scholar; born in New York City, May 23, 1822. His journalistic work was in connection with the New York “Courier and Enquirer” (1851-1858), and “World” (1860-1861); and the London “Spectator” (1863-1867), for which he wrote “Yankee Letters.” Among his published books are: “Biographical and Critical Handbook of Christian Art” (1853); “Shakespeare's Scholar” (1854); “National Hymns: A Lyrical and National Study for the Times” (1861); “Memoirs of the Life of William Shakespeare, with an Essay Toward the Expression of His Genius,” etc. (1865); “Poetry of the Civil War” (1866); “Words and Their Uses” (1870); “England Without and Within” (1881); “The Riverside Shakespeare,” with Biography, introductions and notes (1883, 3 vols.); an annotated edition of Shakespeare, (1857-1865, 12 vols.). He published one novel, “The Fate of Mansfield Humphreys” (1884). He died in New York City, April 8, 1885.