Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)/Wiseman, Nicholas Patrick

WISEMAN, NICHOLAS PATRICK, an English prelate; born in Seville, Spain, Aug. 3, 1802; was educated at Waterford and the Roman Catholic College, Ushaw, near Durham; joined the English College then newly formed (1818) at Rome; became Professor of Oriental Languages and (1828) rector of the English College; returned to England (1835), and was appointed successively rector of Ushaw, vicar apostolic of the central district of England, and Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster and cardinal (1850). He was the author of “Lectures on the Connection Between Science and Revealed Religion” (1836), “Letters on Catholic Unity” (1842); “Papal Supremacy” (1850); “Fabiola” (1854); “Four Last Popes” (1858); and joint-editor for many years of the Dublin “Review.” He died in London, England, Feb. 15, 1865.