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WYTTENBACH, DANIEL (vit′ten-bah), a Dutch scholar; born in Bern, Aug. 7, 1746; studied at Marburg, Göttingen, and Leyden; became Professor of Greek at the Remonstrant Gymnasium at Amsterdam in 1771, of Philosophy at the Athenaeum in 1779, and succeeded in 1799 to Ruhnken's chair of rhetoric at the university. His greatest work is the edition of Plutarch's “Morals,” with rich annotations and an admirable “Greek Index to Plutarch's Works” (Oxf. 8 vols. 1795-1380). He retired in 1816, and died after some years of blindness in Osgeest, Jan. 17, 1820. His wife, Johanna Gallien, a niece of Hanau, whom he married at 72, was a remarkably accomplished woman. She lived after her husband's death at Paris.