Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)/Yule, Sir Henry

YULE, SIR HENRY, a British Orientalist; born near Edinburgh, Scotland, in May, 1820. Having entered the Indian army he served in the Sutlej campaign (1845-1846), in the Punjab (1848-1849), in Burma, and in the Indian mutiny, and became secretary to the Public Works Department, in which capacity he took part in several important surveys and missions. In 1875 he was appointed a member of the Home Council of India. Of the many works which he wrote and edited, the most noted is his admirable translation, with notes and maps, of Marco Polo (1871; augmented edition, 1875). He edited several volumes for the Hakluyt Society; and was a gold medalist of the Royal Geographical Society. He died in London, England, Dec. 30, 1889.