Conjugal to Jonathon and Elvira

Conjugal to Jonathon and Elvira  (1842) 
by Eliza Roxcy Snow

This poem was written for Jonathan Harriman Holmes (1806–1880) and Elvira Annie Cowles (1813–1871) who were married on December 1, 1842.

First printed in The Wasp, December 10, 1842.

      Like two streams, whose onward courses
      Mingling in one current blend—
      Like two waves, whose gentle forces
      To the ocean’s bosom tend.

      Like two rays that kiss each other
      In the presence of the sun—
      Like two drops that run together,
      And forever are but one.

      Now your mutual vows be plighted,
      May your hearts no longer twain—
      May your spirits be united
      In an everlasting chain.