Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 1874/Article 15

Article XV: Cities and City Charters

Section 1: General laws to establish cities.

Cities may be chartered whenever a majority of the electors of any town or borough having a population of at least ten thousand shall vote at any general election in favor of the same.

Amendment of November 7, 1922

Section 2: Municipal commissions not to incur debts except on appropriations.

No debt shall be contracted or liability incurred by any municipal commission, except in pursuance of an appropriation previously made therefor by the municipal government.

Section 3: Sinking funds in cities.

Every city shall create a sinking fund, which shall be inviolably pledged for the payment of its funded debt.

Section 4

Added by amendment of November 6, 1928

Amendment of November 7, 1933

Section 5

Added by amendment of November 7, 1933