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of the
State of Wyoming

Includes All Amendments Through November 12, 2008.

The Constitution of the State of Wyoming was adopted in Convention at Cheyenne, Wyoming on September 30, 1889 and ratified by the people of Wyoming on November 5, 1889.

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Published by

Max Maxfield
Secretary of State

Patricia O’Brien Arp



The two dates on the Great Seal, 1869 and 1890, commemorate the organization of the Territorial government and Wyoming’s admission into the Union. Upon a five-pointed star the number “44” appears, indicating the number of admission into the Union.

The woman in the center holds a banner proclaiming “Equal Rights,” as Wyoming was the first government in the world to grant equal civil and political rights to women.

The male figures typify the livestock and mining industries of the state. Scrolls encircling the two pillars bear the words “Oil,” “Mines,” “Livestock,” and “Grain,” four of Wyoming’s major industries.


Item Page
Constitution of the State of Wyoming
Preamble 1
Article 1. Declaration of Rights 1
Article 2. Distribution of Powers 6
Article 3. Legislative Department 6
Apportionment 6, 15
Initative and Referendum 16
Article 4. Executive Department 18
Article 5. Judicial Department 22
Article 6. Suffrage and Elections 31
Article 7. Education; State Institutions; Promotion of Health and Morals; Public Buildings 35
Article 8. Irrigation and Water Rights 39
Article 9. Mines and Mining 40
Article 10. Corporations 41
Article 11. Boundaries 45
Article 12. County Organization 45
Article 13. Municipal Corporations 46
Article 14. Public Officers 48
Article 15. Taxation and Revenue 50
Article 16. Public Indebtedness 55
Article 17. State Militia 59
Article 18. Public Lands and Donations 60
Article 19. Miscellaneous 62
Article 20. Amendments 64
Article 21. Schedule 65
Ordinances 70
Notable Facts About Wyoming 73
Index 77